#xmasbracketmadness Game 12

The last game in the Play in round to advance to the field of 64 Movies and for the right to call themselves the 2014 Christmas Movie Bracket Madness Champion. The match up is from the Scrooged Bracket and has the #15 seed The Ultimate Christmas Present (2000) vs. the #18 seed Babe’s in Toyland (1986). What at interesting cast of characters for these two movies. John Salley of basketball fame plays Crumpet the Elf in the Ultimate Christmas Present and a young Drew Barrymore and Pat Morita star in Babe’s in Toyland. Tough call for our last movie contest of the play in round.


Yesterday we had Mickey’s Twice upon a Christmas and the non-upset #17seed Trapped in Paradise with Nic Cage, Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz advance!!!! Lovitz! Lovitz! Lovitz! I am really disappointed Trapped in Paradise is going against a #1 seed in their next match up.








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