#xmasbracketmadness Game 23 and Game 24

Two older movies from the 40’s as favorites today let’s see if they can survive against the more recent fresh in our brains, high tech and newer generation of Christmas movies. Christmas in Connecticut has the advantage of the Connecticut voters which is the dominant state casting votes so far in the tournament. The four seed Holiday Inn has some star power with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire as they face Holiday in Handcuffs which is not Christmas meets 50 shades of Grey.

#5 Christmas in Connecticut 1945 vs. #12 Prancer 1989

#4 Holiday Inn 1942 vs. Holiday in Handcuff’s 2007


Yesterday # Christmas Story made a statement that they are here to win with a 44-4 victory over Frosty and Rudolph. In the other match up Charlie Brown cruised to a 31-19 victory over Steve Martin and John Candy. Only question was if Charlie used a plane, train or automobile as he cruised on by.




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