#xmasbracketmadness Scrooged Bracket 2nd Round – #5 vs. #13

How badly would John McClane destroy a Gremlin? Today will get the chance to find out. This is just going to get painful as my two favorite movies might face each other in the sweet sixteen. Half of that painful scenario was fulfilled with Scrooged surviving their scare yesterday versus the “Wet Bandits” and Kevin McCallister of Home Alone 2. No scares today please Cowboy!

Look out Gremlins!!!


#5 Die Hard vs. #13 Gremlins

scrooged bracket round 2

7 thoughts on “#xmasbracketmadness Scrooged Bracket 2nd Round – #5 vs. #13

  1. These two movies, although taking place during or have Christmas scenes, have no place in the holiday bracket. Ugh but I must vote for one… Yippee ky-yay (spell?)…

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