#xmasbracketmadness Elf Bracket 2nd Round – #4 vs. #5

The best match up of the second round. Better get your friends to vote on  this one it will certainly come down to the wire. This battle could be as epic as this round from the Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward fight.


Speaking of fights. These are the current people and number of entries for prizes that will be awarded on 12/22/14

Kelly Q 9
Dan B 7
Joe P 6
Jan F 5
Jonathan H 3
Kim W 2
Diana O 1
Jake B 1
Tembra 2

Yesterday there was no fight in Garfield. Elf won easily!!


#4 Jingle All the  Way vs. #5 How the Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon)


elf bracket 2nd round


4 thoughts on “#xmasbracketmadness Elf Bracket 2nd Round – #4 vs. #5

  1. Seriously? You call this a match up?!!! Grinch! And if you vote for Jingle All the Way then your heart is 3 sizes too small!

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