Griswold Regional Final #1 vs. #3

Our first ticket to the Final Four of the #xmasbracketmadness will be punched today. Christmas Vacation is the favorite after pasting the #16 Little Drummer Boy, #8 Mickey’s Christmas Carol and #5 A Muppet Christmas Carol. Interesting that the entire path for the Griswold family has been through inanimate characters as it faces #3 Polar Express today.

The Polar Express has steam train rolled through the competition as well defeating #19 All I want for Christmas, #6 Bad Santa and #2 Fred Claus. Can the Polar Express stay Hot! Hot! Hot! and defeat the #1 seed?

Yesterday the Jim Carey version of Grinch advanced over JTT and I’ll be home for Christmas. The Elf Regional Final will be a battle for the best Grinch.

Griswold Regional Final from the Griswold Residence Chicago.

#1 Christmas Vacation vs. #3 Polar Express


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  1. Believe!

    Ali armeni believed he would escape the clutches if Scott Belgrade and the law….he was successful. Can the polar express get it done??? I’m afraid I am not punching my ticket for the train but rather sit down for Christmas dinner with the griswolds!

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