Letterman Bracket 1st round Comedy MBM

The Letterman Bracket 1st round starts the tournament and my favorite comedy of all time Animal House is the #1 seed. So many quotes and Youtube rabbit holes you can fall into from scenes from that movie makes it hold the test of time. John Belushi face off could occur in the 2nd round if Blues Brothers the #8 seed advances past the #9 seed Police Academy. Animal House should roll through the top part of the Bracket with some possible challenges from all time classic Airplane in the Elite 8. Airplane has to survive a newer comedy Superbad the #13 seed in their first round match up. The #5 seed Revenge of the Nerds faces a tough #12 seed with Jim Carrey and the Pet Detective. Check the Youtube video below I may of as a young coach gave an entire halftime talk as Ace Ventura the Pet Detective.

The German’s bombing Pearl Harbor, Remain Calm! All is well, you f*#ked up you trusted us, my advice to you is to start drinking heavily……

Ace with his Butt-Talk

The #2 seed Austin Powers leads the bottom half of the bracket and gets #15 Smokey and the Bandit. Will Farrell is all over the place in the tournament and appears as the #3 seed in the Letterman Bracket with Step Brothers. Prestige Worldwide gets a tough match up in the 1st round with #14 seed Wayne’s World. I am not sure who will get to “Party On!” in that contest. Cheech and Chong in Up n’ Smoke grabbed a #10 seed and get #7 seed Animal House knock off Old School. The #6 and #11 Match up feature Super Troopers and The Other Guys.

Many match ups to vote on over the next couple days.

The Upper Bracket

The Lower Bracket


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