Letterman Bracket 2nd Round Comedy MBM

The Letterman Bracket results followed the seeding all the way through. This was either a great job of seeding by the Bracket Brothers or we really know our audience. The second round has some potential upsets but not likely I really think we got the seeds right in this region.

Game 1 – #1 seed Animal House vs. #8 seed Blues Brothers

They may have gotten the band back together but it was not in enough time to knock off the #1 seed. I am not sure the Blues Brothers band has what it takes to knock off the great band form Animal House Otis Day and the Knights. The lyrics from their song Shout was done by the Isley Brothers.

Game 2 – #4 seed Airplane vs. #5 seed Revenge of the Nerds

This might be the only potential upset in this round. Airplane might be one of the best comedies ever and really deserved a higher seed but has the younger generation even seen this movie? One thing everyone must see is the tricycle race in Revenge of the Nerds. The Bracket Brothers will attempt to re-enact this scene this summer with the Bracket Cousins for everyone to enjoy.

Game 3 – #3 seed Step Brothers vs. #6 Super Troopers

There is no way Super Troopers knocks off Step Brothers unless this site gets hacked by someone that hates comedy and laughing so hard it becomes an abdominal work out. Prestige World Wide needs to move forward because we need to see scenes like this throughout the tournament. I love bunk beds!

Game 4 – #2 seed Austin Powers vs. #7 seed Old School

This could be an upset if all the Will Farrell band together and flood the website with votes.  I like Old School but it is a knock off of Animal House and shouldn’t beat the original Austin Powers. Remember Will Farrell fans he makes a cameo in Austin Powers as Mustafa. Another great cameo appearance in Austin Powers is by Tom Arnold in a scene that occurs often in the coaches office before games. Throw Austin Powers a Freaking Bone here!

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