Sweet 16 Letterman & Leno Comedy MBM

Welcome to the Sweet 16 of the Letterman and Leno Bracket where the laughs are just as hard as the choices.

The Letterman Bracket first match up has #1 seed Animal House versus the #5 seed Revenge of the Nerds. Which fraternity will pull off the big win and get to the Regional Final the Delta Tau Chi’s of Animal House or Lamda Lamda Lamda of Revenge of the Nerds. The Delta’s are of course on double secret probation for the entire tournament and it doesn’t help that Dean Wormer is a former Tri-Lamb from his days at Adams College. The Nerds have won by the thinnest of margin in the first two rounds (21-19 over Ave Ventura and 15-12 over Airplane) and the Deltas have crushed their first two opponents by a combined score of 61-8. Good Luck Tri-Lamb’s you’ll need it.

The other half of the Letterman Bracket features #3 seed Step Brothers versus the #7 seed Old School. The good news is we will have Will Farrell in the Regional Final. I am rooting for an Old School/Animal House match up but does Frank the Tank and his brothers from Lambda Epsilon Omega have what it takes to take down Prestige World Wide. The matchup possibilities with these four movies are incredible: two Lamda frats facing off, Dean Wormer versus Dean Pritchard, Frank the Tank versus Bluto, Blue vs. Flounder, Neidermeyer vs. Stan Gable, Otis Day and the Knights vs. Snoop Dog and Warren G…..

Happy Voting! Get those Nerds!!!!

The Leno Bracket has #1 seed Dumb and Dumber versus #5 seed Billy Madison. The first of two Adam Sandler movies in this Bracket. Billy Madison might be the first movie to knock off a #1 seed. The bottom half of the Bracket has #3 seed Happy Gilmore which barely survived the second round versus Naked Gun (23-21) gets the #xmasbracketmadness champion #10 seed Christmas Vacation. Shocking is the first word to come to mind seeing the Griswold’s advance this far and actually have a legitimate shot of getting to the Regional Final. Chevy Chase has won many awards in his lifetime but we hear he has an open space on the trophy case next to his #xmasbracketmadness Trophy for the Comedy MBM trophy.

Hopefully Happy has a little more fight than he did in this clip.

Letterman Bracket

Leno Bracket


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