Nintendo Bracket Madness – Day 26

Dan Bracket 2nd round has Joel’s 3rd round pick Battle Toads vs. my 6th round pick Excitebike. I think the name of each game says it all, Battle Toads, who has ever heard of a Toad Battle? Excitebike on the other hand makes perfect sense. Motor bikes have always equaled excitement.

There is actually one toad battle I have heard of and that was during the Revolutionary War time in Willimantic, Connecticut. (Yes the city in which I call home) The story goes that the towns people heard great noises one night and suspected the British were about to march in to the city. The revolutionary brothers gathered their arms and went off in the direction of the noise to go to battle. When they arrived at the loud noise they found thousands of frogs battling over the small amount of water left in a pond following the drought. True story, and the city now has a bridge with a frog on each corner of the bridge.

Frog Bridge

I believe I also need to remind the voters of an earlier gaming system called Atari with the classic game, Frogger. What happened in this game? Motorized vehicles ran over the frogs and killed them! This is what Excitebike will do to the Toads today!



2nd Round Dan Bracket – #3 Battle Toads vs. #6 Excitebike

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