Nintendo BM – Tyson vs. Megaman

This is a tough match up for the Joel’s 2nd round pick Mike Tyson’s Punch Out in the Jeff Bracket as they face off against Dan’s 10th round pick Megaman.

Did they get the idea of a Mike Tyson owning a tiger in the movie Hangover from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out? One of the boxer’s in the game had a tiger in his corner.

Today is final match up of the second round and as of this writing we have fourteen of the sweet sixteen games determined. Dan leads the way with five games (#5 Tecmo Super Bowl, #11 Duck Hunt, #7 Gauntlet, #1 Super Mario Bros. and #3 Dragon Warrior) and he has a shot with #15 Super Mario Bros. 2 that still has about an hour left of voting (voting ends 9:00 EST 6/8/15) and with #10 Megaman to get up to seven teams in the final sixteen.

Jacob has four teams in the sweet sixteen (#1 Super Mario Bros. 3, #2 TMNT, #12 Chip and Dale and #3 Final Fantasy) and possibly a fifth with Ninja Gaiden 2.

I have three teams in with #4 Wizard and Warriors, #5 Shadow Gate and #1 Zelda.

Joel has two teams in with #3 Battle Toads and #1 Contra. He has a shot at a third team with his #2 seed Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.


2nd Round Jeff Bracket – #2 Mike Tyson’s Punch Out vs. #10 Megaman

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