Nintendo BM Sweet 16 – Retribution Day

The first glance at this match up looks like an easy victory for Zelda. This however is going to be a retribution match up for Jacob and his legion of voters looking to take down Zelda. A great run by Chip and Dale to get to the sweet 16 as a #12 seed picked Jacob. The last time Zelda had a match up there was an extraordinary amount of votes. I left for work in the morning and the Zelda and Roger Rabbit appeared to be in a dog fight separated by just a few votes. I then returned home and check the match up after dinner and Zelda had an astounding 82 votes! Definitely some shenanigans going on in that voting but it wasn’t me? So who dun it? We will find out today, will Zelda have close to a 100 votes again or will Chip and Dale get some retribution  for their wilderness friend Roger Rabbit.

Sweet 16 Jeff Bracket – #1 Zelda vs.  #12 Chip and Dale

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