Nintendo BM Sweet 16 – Mario Power!!!!

The Joel Bracket has the unbelievable upset champion of the tournament thus far with Dan’s 15th round pick Super Mario Bros. 2. The power of Mario and Luigi has been amazing in the tournament with their weakest game in their series upsetting a #2 seed R.C. Pro AM and a #10 seed Ninja Gaiden 2. The opponent today is Dan’s #3 seed Dragon Warrior. The winner today will be Dan of course as he will have another team in the Elite Eight but at this point no one will be shocked if it is the #15 seed Super Mario Bros. 2.

Six of the Final Eight games have been determined: Jake Bracket – #1 Super Mario Bros. 3 (Jake) and #7 Gauntlet (Dan), Dan Bracket – #4 Wizards and Warriors (Jeff) and #2 TMNT (Jake), Joel Bracket – #5 Shadowgate (Jeff), Jeff Bracket – #1 Zelda (Jeff).

The drawing for the two prizes will take place on Monday June 22nd. We have a retro Nintendo NES Gaming System with one game and a t-shirt.

Sweet 16 Joel Bracket – #15 Super Mario Bros 2 vs. #3 Dragon Warrior

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