Nintendo – Punch Your Ticket!

This is an appropriate ending to the regional final, my 1st round pick Zelda versus Joel’s 2nd round pick Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. Bracket brother Joel was the monster, that I have mentioned many times before, who defeated Zelda when it wasn’t his game! There has to be some karmatic justice for this match up to occur and for Zelda to prevail. I can finally enjoy Zelda at the expense of Bracket Brother Joel’s only game left in the tournament. This is the moment I have been waiting 25 years to happen, this is my time, this is the balancing out of the video game universe! Vote Zelda! Time to punch Zelda’s ticket to the Final Four!


We also have the winners of prizes tickets punched today. Please watch the video below to see who won the Zelda t-shirt and the grand prize the retro Nintendo gaming system with Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt game.


Elite 8 Jeff Bracket – #1 Zelda vs. #2 Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out


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