Nintendo Final Four- Controversy!!!

The Amazing Melon Head is not happen about this, not one bit!


The surprise entry of the Mario Bros. series, Super Mario Bros. 2 the #15 seed. “The Deuce” took down Shadowgate, Dragon Warrior, Ninja Gaiden 2 and R.C. Pro – AM to reach the Final Four. There might be no stopping the army of voters supporting “the Deuce”.

Zelda has had some very close calls to reach the Final Four especially their win over Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out where they eeked out a 26-24 decision. Zelda’s road has been fairly easy other than Iron Mike with #12 Chip and Dale, #9 Roger Rabbit and #16 Rampage. The #15 seed Super Mario Bros. 2 looks like a cake walk but as we have seen all tournament don’t mess with “The Deuce”

Oh wait! We have an addition problem. Apparently Bracket Brother Dan can’t add and it was actually Iron Mike Tyson with the victory for the last spot in the Final Four. The story goes Bracket Brother Dan was well lubricated at a Disney destination wedding. He posts that Zelda wins so I adjust the post for the first Final Four match up to announce the last four games remaining and set up voting for our 5th place team while watching True Detective. I get it done just in time before it posts and enjoy the rest of True Detective and Ballers on HBO and get ready for bed. Then my wife realizes the cat is outside so I go downstairs to let the cat in, check my fantasy baseball team and see a post on Facebook that ZELDA LOST!! I tell you it was pure shenanigans with Zelda since the second round anyway. In the second round I leave for work and Zelda has a slim lead over Roger Rabbit. This appears to be a tough match up and I get home from work and picking up the kids and check the voting prior to little league baseball and Zelda has 82 votes! Shenanigans!! I think it was Bracket Brother Joel setting up Zelda to break my heart again!

Final Four Semifinal

#15 Super Mario Bros.2 (Dan) vs. #2 Mike Tyson’s Punch Out (Joel)

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