Super Mario Bros. 3 – Champion

The final results are in and we have our champion and top 5 NES games as determined by the Bracket Brothers Tournament.

Champion – #1 Super Mario Bros. 3 (Jacob)

Runner Up – #15 Super Mario Bros. 2 (Dan)

3rd – #2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (Jacob)

4th – #2 Mike Tyson’s Punch – Out (Joel) 

5th – #4 Wizards and Warriors (Jeff)

Every Bracket Brother/Cousin is represented in the top five. Super Mario Bros. 3 was the only 1st round pick to make the top five. The upset of the tournament was Dan’s 15th round pick Super Mario Bros. 2 that defied all odds to finish runner up.

Thanks for all those who participated in the Nintendo NES Bracket Madness Tournament.

2 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros. 3 – Champion

  1. Great idea! I would have loved to participate in this one because NES is the only system that I ever spent much time playing non-sports games on.

    I loved Super Mario 3 but could never beat it because there were so many different levels.

    I too am shocked by Super Mario 2. I’ve always considered that to be one of the strangest of the NES games. Where as Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3 are similar in my opinion, Super Mario Bros 2 seems to be of a totally different composition/design. Almost as if 1 and 3 were created by the same artists and 2 was done by someone different.

    Everyone bought the game and played it a lot but compared to the rest of the MB catalog it seems really weak. Apparently that view isn’t shared by everyone though.

    • I and the other 3 bracket brother’s were also surprised by the rise of SMB2 to the final four. That game was helped by a weak bracket we put together. We inadvertently gave them a NCAA Duke type bracket.

      Next bracket coming up is the cartoon sitcom championship. Flintstones, Jetsons and Simpsons get there chance for a championship belt.

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