Nintendo NES Bracket Madness Review

Our third installment of the bracket madness tournament’s involved Nintendo NES video games. The field of 64 was a difficult choice so we enlisted the help of two other bracket brothers to help make the field. (One was technically a bracket cousin). We picked the field of 64 by having a video game draft, similar to fantasy football. The bracket brothers then took turns placing their #2 through #16 seeded teams into the bracket of their choosing. The four brackets were named after each Bracket Brother; The Dan Bracket, The Joel Bracket, The Jacob Bracket and The Jeff Bracket.


Round 1

The uspets came fast and furious in the first round as our voters proved that the Bracket Brothers did a terrible job drafting quality video games. The Jacob Bracket had #11 Duck Hunt upset #6 Blades of Steel. The Dan Bracket had #10 Double Dragon defeat #7 the Adventures of Lolo. The Joel Bracket had #10 Ninja Gaiden 2 and #15 Super Mario Brothers 2 upsetting #7 Arch Rivals and #2 R.C. Pro-Am. The Jeff Bracket had #12 Chip and Dale, #13 Simpsons – Bart vs. the Space Mutants and #10 Mega Man advance.

Round 2

This round had not only upsets but a case of voter fraud! The second round match up between #9 Who Framed Roger Rabbit and #1 Zelda had more votes than usual with Zelda winning 91-20 on the website. Apparently someone had a thing for Zelda and was able to clear their cache or cookies on the computer and vote multiple times. Even though their was voter fraud it did appear like Zelda was going to win the match up so we allowed Zelda to move on to the Sweet Sixteen. The Jacob Bracket had #11 Duck Hunt upset #3 Ninja Gaiden the original and #7 Gauntlet beat #2 Mega Man 2. The Dan Bracket went chalk with the top four seeds Super Mario Bros., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Battle Toads and Wizards and Warriors advancing. The Joel Bracket had the shocker with #15 Super Mario Bros. 2 moving forward with #5 Shadowgate. The last upset was the #12 Chip and Dale advancing.

Sweet 16

The Sweet 16 is where we saw two #1 seeds fall; Super Mario Bros. lost to Wizards and Warriors and Contra lost to Shadowgate. The #7 seed Gauntlet advanced but they beat the #11 Duck Hunt so that wasn’t unexpected. The surprise was #15 seed Super Mario Bros. 2 beating #3 seed Dragon Warrior.

Elite 8

This round was just a show for the top seeds with #1 Super Mario Bros. 3, #2 TMNT and #1 Zelda advancing to the Final Four. The only surprise was once again Super Mario Bros. 2 as the #15 seed winning again.

Final Four

Super Mario Bros. 3 advanced over TMNT but the story of the Final Four was the Cinderella run of #15 Super Mario Bros. 2. The bad karma that Zelda created with the fraudulent voting finally came back to haunt the golden game as the #15 seed knocked them off to make an all Mario Bros. final.


This was not unexpected having an all Mario final, but we expected Super Mario Bros. 3 and the original Super Mario Bros. The clock struck midnight for Cinderella as #15 seed Super Mario Bros. 2 had their run for the championship end in the last game.

Champion – #1 Super Mario Bros. 3 (Jacob)

Runner Up – #15 Super Mario Bros. 2 (Dan)

3rd – #2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (Jacob)

4th – #2 Mike Tyson’s Punch – Out (Joel)

5th – #4 Wizards and Warriors (Jeff)

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