Cartoon Bracket Madness 1st Round

The time has finally arrived and the fourth Bracket Madness Tournament is underway. The Cartoons are here and the 1st round voting will take place all week on the website and you can get an additional vote by going to the Bracket Madness Facebook page. Please see the Cartoon Bracket Preview post for all the rules and particulars. The Bracket makers have some questions to answer as some cartoons seem to be missing! No Gumby!

Bracket Makers = Block Heads

The Simpsons Bracket – Old School Cartoons – Bye’s (#1 Simpsons, #2 Flintstones, #3 Jetsons, #4 Smurfs)

The #8 seed Josie and the Pussy Cats vs. #9 Rugrats. This will be interesting as many under 40 years of age will have no clue about Josie and the Pussy Cats (you didn’t miss much) and the polarizing Rugrats. The little research I have done on the Rugrats seems to show people either loved it or really, really, really hated it.


Charlie Brown and the #5 seed Peanuts take on #12 Fat Albert. Hey! Hey! Hey! I loved Fat Albert and it was a heck of a lot more entertaining than the Peanuts most of the time. Do the voters ignore Bill Cosby’s transgressions and vote for the cartoon or does Charlie Brown get a lucky break that his opponent is in the midst of a scandal.


Go Gadget go! Inspector Gadget is the #6 seed and takes on #11 Popeye the Sailor Man. This is one of the better match ups in the first round. The clueless Inspector better hope his lovely niece is their to support him as usual or Popeye and Bluto will make some spinach pie out of his cyborg butt!


Violence on television! The #7 seed Tom and Jerry is incredibly violent. I am not sure this cartoon would even be made today. I am hoping Tom and Jerry make a run to the regional final to face off against their knock off’s Itchy and Scratchy from the Simpsons.  The #10 seed is Johnny Quest, good luck on your journey Johnny it ends in the first round in this tournament.


South Park Bracket – Super Hero Cartoons – Bye’s (#1 South Park, #2 TMNT (older version 1987-1996), #3 Batman (animated Series 1992-1995), #4 Super Friends)

He-Man the #8 seed is very angry at the bracket makers for excluding his sister She-Ra and plans on taking out his frustrations on the #9 seed Star Wars Clone Wars. Captain Rex better hope the Star Wars massive following carries him to victory because all those little boys growing up in the 80’s will be clicking on He-Man.


The #5 seed Justice League gets the unfortunate draw of #12 seed X-Men. One of many entries for Superman. The X-Men have been searching for the kryptonite.


The #6 seed Spiderman (Spectacular Spiderman 2008) gets the #11 seed Speedracer in what looks like a mismatch. I included the intro to Speedracer to jog everyone’s memory. I am sure everyone remembers Spiderman and the 25 movies made in the past 10 years.



The Thundercats are the #7 seed and they get #10 Superman (animated series 1996-2000). The bracket makers have more questions to answer with this match up as Superman technically gets three entries into the Tournament with his #5 seed in the bracket Justice League and #4 seed Super Friends.


Family Guy Bracket – Animal Cartoons – Bye’s (#1 Family Guy, #2 Scooby-Doo, #3 Rocky and Bullwinkle, #4 Duck Tales)


The favorite cartoon of my youngest sister Renee, Ren and Stimpy nabs the #8 seed and will face the #9 seed The Woody Woodpecker Show. Good match up but I think the kid sister will be disappointed and Woody taunts her laughing into the 2nd round.


The #5 seed Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers faces the classic cartoon #12 seed Pink Panther. The NES bracket showed us that Chip and Dale are a force to be reckoned with it’s huge following. The Pink Panther can be quite sneaky maybe the upset can be pulled off.

Bracket Cousin Jacob will have a terribly tough decision when he votes on the #6 vs. #11 match up. The #6 seed is Yogi the Bear the nickname for our grandfather and the #11 seed is Garfield and Friends one of his favorite cartoon characters. The bracket makers are just cruel!

The battle of the Dogs is featured in the #7 vs. #10 match up. The #7 seed Huckleberry Hound Show will try to avoid the upset bid from the underdog #10 seed Underdog. Who gets to go home with Sweet Polly Pure Bread?

Looney Tunes Bracket – Odd Ball Cartoons – Bye’s (#1 Looney Tunes, #2 Sponge Bob Square Pants, #3 Futurama, #4 Beavis and Butthead)

A cartoon that gave a public service announcement each episode was a tricky way to allow parents to let their kids watch violence. The only thing I remember from the #8 seed G.I. Joe is I liked Snake Eyes because it was cool and fun to say Snake Eyes and their catch PSA saying “Knowing is half the battle”. We know their opponent in round one is the #9 seed Animaniacs with the #1 seed juggernaut Looney Tunes looming in round two.

The Looney Tunes little brother, Tiny Toon Adventures gets the #5 Seed  and will face the adult themed cartoon, #12 seed Archer. I would like to know more about Archer and have tried on-demand and online but the show is impossible to find but it does look pretty good.

The #6 seed is Avatar the Last Airbender faces off against #11 seed Pinky and the Brain. I’ve got nothing on these two other than this would be a great spot for Gumby and She-Ra. Bracket Makers = Block Heads

The #7 seed Dexter’s Laboratory goes against #10 Transformers. I will have to catch some youtube clips of Dexter’s Laboratory that I have been told is a very good cartoon. I think Dexter might have some trouble versus Optimus Prime and Megatron unless Dexter is that creepy serial killer guy in cartoon form.

Thanks for voting in our first round match ups. Please comment and let the Bracket Makers know which cartoons were wrongly left out that should of been added to the tournament in the comments section.

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  1. There is a mistake on the South Park Bracket Voting section for the 5 v 12 match up. The match up should be #5 Justice League not Super Friends. I do not want to correct the mistake and possibly lose the votes already cast.

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