Cartoon Bracket Madness Round 2

The first round is in the books and only a few upsets so it must mean the bracket makers were on the mark with their selections. The biggest upset was #12 seed X-men from the South Park bracket knocking off the #5 seed Justice League by a narrow 17-15 margin. The Looney Tunes bracket had two upsets #11 Pinky and the Brain whacking #6 Avatar the Last Airbender 24-5 and #10 Transformers beating #7 Dexter’s Laboratory 24-7. The final upset was of course #10 Underdog which knocked off another dog #7 Huckleberry Hound in the Family Guy Bracket.

The tough part has just started for those upset cartoons as the second round has our top sixteen cartoons making their debut after a first round bye. A reminder that voting is open all week Monday through Friday so spread the word to see your favorite cartoon advance.


The Simpsons Bracket – Old School Cartoons

#1 Simpsons vs.  #9 Rugrats – The Rugrats knocked off #8 Josie and the Pussy Cats 25-11 last round but they have their work cut out for them to knock off the Simpsons. Even Homer can’t screw this one up.

#5 Peanuts vs. #4 Smurfs – The Peanuts killed #12 Fat Albert last round 29-9. I am a bit disappointed with Fat Albert’s early exit and the loss of all those potential Cosby jokes. The Smurfs will need to bring all their Smurfy energy to take down the Peanuts in one of three great match ups in the Simpsons Bracket this round.

#6 Inspector Gadget  vs. #3 Jetsons  – The Inspector had enough to defeat  #11 Popeye 20-14 but this week it gets more difficult. The Jetsons should prevail here behind the power of Cogswell Cogs!

#7 Tom and Jerry vs. #2 Flintstones – Tom and Jerry destroyed #10 Johnny Quest 32-4 in the biggest blow out in round one and are rolling. I hate this match up for the Flintstones and this could be the feature contest of the 2nd round. This one will be close and each cartoon will need a big voter turnout. Fred better hope he can convert the 7-10 split.



South Park Bracket – Super Hero Cartoons

#1 South Park vs. #8 He-Man – My children were very disappointed that #9 Star Wars Clone Wars lost 22-11 to He-Man in round one. We know Kenny will die vs. He-Man but will Cartman and the others survive for the Sweet Sixteen?

#4 Super Friends vs. #12 X-Men – My favorite cartoon when I was 5 years old gets the X-men. The X-Men were the highest seeded team to advance  with a narrow 17-15 over #5 Justice League in round one.

#3 Batman (animated Series 1992-1995) vs. #6  Spiderman (Spectacular Spiderman 2008) – Spiderman defeated #11 Speedracer 24-8. This set up a battle of mega superhero’s that have great cartoons and multiple movies.

#2 TMNT (older version 1987-1996) vs. #7 Thundercats – Apparently #10 Superman (animated series 1996-2000) had a weakness other than kryptonite and it’s cats as he lost big 21-13 to the Thundercats last round. A repeat performance versus the Ninja Turtles would be a huge surprise and another disappointment for my kids.

Do Not Underestimate Wonder Dog from the Super Friends



Family Guy Bracket – Animal Cartoons

#1 Family Guy vs. #9 The Woody Woodpecker Show – Woody put holes in #8 Ren and Stimpy for a 20-13 victory and gets #1 seed Family Guy as a reward. I don’t think Woody will laughing come end of the week.

#4 Duck Tales vs. #5 Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers – Chip and Dale beat the #12 seed Pink Panther 21-12 last round. This match up leaves little to be desired. I would much rather see some Amazing world of Gumball than either of these two cartoons. This scene from Gumball takes place weekly at my house.

#6 Yogi the Bear vs. #3 Rocky and Bullwinkle – Yogi and Ranger Smith snuck by #11 Garfield and Friends in a close 16-14 final in round one. This is a tremendous match up with two great cartoon tag teams squaring off. Should be another close one for Yogi and Boo Boo

 #2 Scooby-Doo vs. #10 Underdog –  Of course Underdog upset #7 Huckleberry Hound Show 22-9. Can he keep the upsets rolling versus the Mystery Inc. crew? Scooby Snacks for everyone!

Looney Tunes Bracket – Odd Ball Cartoons

 #1 Looney Tunes vs. #8 G.I. Joe – G.I. Joe beat the #9 seed Animaniacs 20-11 last round. The Looney Tunes should be an unstoppable force even versus the well trained special forces of G.I Joe.

#4 Beavis and Butthead vs. #5 Tiny Toon Adventures – The Tiny Tunes did their job in round one beating #12 Archer 22-9. They now try to get through Beavis and Butthead to force a Tunes showdown in the Sweet Sixteen.

#3 Futurama vs. #11 Pinky and the Brain – The #6 seed Avatar the Last Airbender was whitewashed by Pinky and the Brain 24-5. This is another pairing of cartoons that does not inspire me at all. I am sure Futurama and their cult following will advance and then will get killed in the Sweet Sixteen next week.

#2 Sponge Bob Square Pants vs. #10 Transformers – Optimus Prime got it done last round versus #7 Dexter’s Laboratory with a big 24-7 victory. I really like both these cartoons one from my youth and the other I enjoy watching now with my kids. I wish we could split these two up and have them beat up on Futurama and Pinky and the Brain.

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