Episode 24 Jeffrey Belanger Podcast – Super Bowl 50 and NCAA Tournament

Jeff and Bracket Brother Dan recap the Super Bowl, the League of Do You Know Sports Guys (League of DYKS) Football Picks championship, Super Bowl commercials, movie trailers from the Super Bowl and the best way to run a NCAA Tournament office pool.

Please give feedback in the comments section or at jeffreybelanger8@gmail.com with what you feel is the best option for a NCAA office pool.

Traditional Bracket – pick all the games with an increased points value each round

Fantasy Draft – You and your office mates pick teams like a fantasy football draft.

Survivor Pool – You can pick a team only one time. When you lose you are out of the tournament. Pick 2 games 1st Thursday, 2 games 1st Friday and 1 game every tournament day after round 1. You can buy back in after you lose on Thursday, Friday or Saturday but you must pick 4 games correct if you buy back on Friday, 5 games if you buy back on Saturday and 6 games if you buy back on Sunday.

Bill James Pool – Pick one team from every seed line. Every victory you get from a team is weighted based upon their seed line. #1 = 10 pts., #2 =11 pts……#16 = 25 pts.

Ted Gooley Method – Pick a Bracket and upsets are worth more points. A complicated formula to score but apparently an app is being crowd funded to make it easier.

The Belanger Envelop Method – 16 Envelops contain 4 teams, 1 from each region and from 4 seed ranges. High Seed 1-4, Mid seed 5-8, Low seed 9-12 and Underdog seed 13-16. If your Underdog wins you get your entry fee back. Prize pool is divided 15% to all Final Four Teams and 40% to Champion.

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