NFL Week 5, College Football Picks Card

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The Week 5 NFL and College Football Picks Card from the Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast Guys.

Guaranteed 4 NFL Picks from Coach Last Week 3-1, Season Record 7-9

The past week has seen the lovable, joke making, put a smile on your face people that bring joy to so many be tarnished by a few bad apples. I am not talking about politicians but clowns. (maybe those two are similar) The Guaranteed 4 of NFL Picks this week are for my favorite Clowns of all time. (Every Clown name is linked to a youtube video for your viewing pleasure)

Giants +7 over Packers – “Homey the Clown don’t play dat” and that is what Tom Coughlin would have done in his earlier days as a coach when the Giants would be sloppy with the ball and penalties. Ben McAdoo will have the Giants on message as a group this week as he returns to Green Bay. He knows the scheme and tendencies of the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. The Giants defense has no takeaway’s so far in 2016 (one blocked field goal by special teams) and that is not going to continue. The giants are going to take their sock and whack the Packers repeatedly on Sunday night because 3 games losing streaks, “Homey don’t play dat.”

Lions +3 over Eagles – Doink the Clown from WWF (later WWE) fame was one of the best wrestling heels of all-time. That might be a bit of an over statement but I liked his character and roll as a wrestler and even liked his midget sidekick Dink. The Eagles are the media darlings right now and the ugly and sloppy playing Lions will win this game outright at home as the NFL Doink the Clown Heel. Lions have a bright Defensive coordinator and the will take away the Eagles link Doink and DInk passing game.

Bengals -1 over Cowboys –  Benny Hill as a Clown – Rumor has it that Cowboys Jerry Jones only sleeps 3 hours every day. I think he send those late hours watching reruns of the Benny Hill show. Benny Hill put on one hell of a performance as a clown just like the performance the Bengals defense will make on Sunday. This is the first time the Cowboys Dak Prescott sees a defense that will really get after it. The Giants have 1 take away all year, the skins and bears defense stink and the Niners defense is okay but is always tired because of Chip Kelly’s quick offense. Bengals win

Panthers -7 over Buccaneers – The Clowns from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure remind me of the way the Panthers played last week against the Falcons. The Panthers were diabolical ruining most everyone’s picks card just like the those Clowns with Pee Wee’s bike. This game has a similar feel as the Chiefs Steelers game from week 4. Panthers were embarrassed by the Falcons now they get a prime time game to set everyone straight. If they don’t come through in this game with a blow out victory that means they are done at 1-4. The Bucs I expected to be 1-4 after they lose to the Panthers. The key for the Bucs will be to stay motivated mentally after 1-4 because their schedule softens the rest of the way.

College Football Picks Week 5 – Records last week (overall)

Coach 3-1 (18-7)

AK47 3-2 (14-7)

Dan 5-2 (14-7-1)

Joker 0-5 (13-12)

Coach Picks College Football Picks

Marshall -10.5 over North Texas – Marshall is a team that will most likely end up in the Conference USA title game. The offense has put up points even in their losses. North Texas is a bottom feeder in Conference USA and has 1st year head coach. Their defense was bad last year and now the new coach wants an uptempo style which puts that defensive liability on the field more often. Marshall in a blowout as the Mean Green will take a couple years to get the players to match the scheme.

Duke -4 over Army – The Blue Devils had a let down game last week losing to Virginia on Home Coming weekend after beating Notre Dame the week prior. Army is coming off the bye so they have had time to prepare. Duke head coach David Cutcliffe always has his team well prepared. Duke is the better team at home and only giving 4 points. Take Duke in a bounce back game.

Wyoming +10.5 over Air Force – Wyoming has played above their heads this year beating Colorado State on the road and is always tough at home. Air Force was favored at Wyoming in 2012 (-3) and snuck by with a 1 point win (Cowboys covered). They were favored again in 2014 (-2) and lost that game 17-13. The Cowboys are getting 10.5 this year and it should be enough to cover.

Notre Dame +1 over NC State – The Spread has moved from Notre Dame giving 2.5 to getting a point. The 2-3 record and defensive struggles of Notre Dame have contributed to this number. Prior to the season this spread might have been Irish -7 and now they are getting a point. The Wolf Pack didn’t have a win last year versus a winning team and might not get one again this year. Keep beating up those weak sisters but you will not beat the Irish who might be 2-3 at the moment but will have a winning record come season end. Go Irish.

BYU +5.5 over Michigan State – Every game BYU has played this year has been decided by 3 points or less. The scores vary from a total under 40 total points like their first 2 games to last week when they combined with Toledo for over 100 points. Michigan State has lost their last two games and generally play well with their backs against the wall. The Cougars are getting more than 3 points so I will take them to play another close game that they will probably lose but at least cover.

Northern Illinois +19 over Western Michigan – Northern Illinois is 1-4 but they have had a tough schedule to start the season. They played at Wyoming which is a tough place to play with the altitude over 7000 feet, especially in the first game of the year. Then they were beat at South Florida a top 40 team. They finally get a home game and it is San Diego State which might run the table in the regular season and then play Boise State in the Mountain West title game for a chance to make the Final Four. They lost to Western Illinois which was unacceptable especially when they trailed 28-7 entering the 4th quarter. They got back on track with a victory at Ball State. Western Michigan is supposed to win Western Division of the MAC conference but have lost against every time to NIU the past 5 years. This is a huge mental hurdle game for the Broncos who are undefeated and have beaten two Big 10 teams (Northwestern and Illinois). The Huskies of NIU have a poor record but 19 points is too much to give to a team that has had the Broncos number especially when no player on the current roster has ever experienced a win.

Joker Dan “no nickname” AK47
Hawaii +3 over San Jose State San Jose State -3 over Hawaii  Boston College +17 over Clemson
Tennessee +6.5 over Texas A&M Texas A&M -6.5 over Tennessee  Texas A&M -6.5 over Tennessee
Umass +7 over Old Dominion Texas +10 over Oklahoma  Arkansas +14 over Alabama
Ohio State -29 over Indiana Michigan State -5.5 over BYU  Michigan -29.5 over Rutgers
Florida +3 over LSU LSU -3 over Florida  Stanford -7.5 over Washington State
California -13.5 over Oregon St.

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NFL Picks for Week 4 – Records – Last Week (Overall)

Dan “No Nickname” – 8-7 (35-28)

Coach – 10-5 (34-29)

Joker – 7-8 (30-33)

AK47 – 3-12 (28-35)


Coach Joker Dan “no nickname” AK47
Cardinals -3.5 at 49ers Cardinals 49ers  49ers  Cardinals
Texans +6.5 at Vikings Vikings Vikings  Vikings  Vikings
Bears +4.5 at Colts Bears Bears  Colts  Colts
Jets +7 at Steelers Jets Jets  Steelers  Steelers
Titans +3.5 at Dolphins Titans Titans  Titans  Titans
Eagles -3.5 at Lions Lions Lions  Lions  Lions
Patriots -10.5 at Browns Patriots Patriots  Browns  Browns
Redskins +3.5 at Ravens Ravens Ravens  Ravens  Redskins
Falcons +5.5 at Broncos Falcons Broncos  Broncos  Broncos
Bengals -1 at Cowboys Bengals Cowboys  Bengals  Cowboys
Chargers +3.5 at Raiders Chargers Raiders  Raiders  Chargers
Bills +2.5 at Rams Bills Bills  Bills  Bills
Giants +7.5 at Packers Giants Giants  Giants  Packers
Buccaneers +7 at Panthers Panthers Panthers  Buccaneers  Panthers


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