NFL Week 6, College Football Picks Card

The Week 6 NFL and College Football Picks Card from the Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast Guys.

Guaranteed 4 NFL Picks from Coach Last Week 2-2, Season Record 9-11

The Major League Baseball Playoffs are in full swing and all the blown saves and…..I will be positive, amazing comebacks not choke jobs, have been great to watch. The San Francisco Giants and Baltimore Orioles go into the off-season with regret. The Dodger and Nationals both with a recent history of regret in the playoff’s try to avoid that nightmare last night with the Dodgers coming through. Avoid heartache just copy the Red Sox and get swept out without being competitive at all. The Guaranteed 4 this week is based on the positive and amazing comebacks.

Patriots -9 over Bengals – The Patriots play the first of tough back to back games. The Bungles though might not be that tough from what we have seen so far this season so hopefully this isn’t a trap game with the Steelers next week. Two years ago the Bungles were undefeated and were throttled in Foxboro, is this a bounce back game for Bengals or are they really a bad team? The great comeback for the Patriots takes me in the way back machine to 1984 when they trailed the Seattle Seahawks 23-0 in the second quarter and then scored 38 straight points for the blowout. That must have been a great cover for someone back in the day. A Tony Eason 25 yard TD run, two Mosi Tatupu TD runs and it was capped with an Irving Fryer TD catch.

49ers +8 over Bills – Long trip, early game and in a tough environment. A recipe for disaster for the Niners, nope. The Bills return home after 2 big road wins at New England and LA and have won three straight, making them fat and happy like the Ryan brothers. The return of Colin Kapernick might help the Niners offense. The defense of San Fran defense will hopefully key on stopping LeSean McCoy. Tyrod Taylor will need to use his legs to maneuver around the defensive front of the 49ers. I don’t trust that Bills offense to win a blowout type game. I hate myself for this comeback, the Niners on January 5th, 2003 came back from a 24 point deficit in the playoff’s against the New York Giants for a 39-38 victory. Jeremy Shockey just catch the damn ball!

Chiefs +1 over Raiders – Andy Reid in his time with the Eagles and Chiefs is incredible off a bye with a 15-2 record. They are getting points off a bye. The Raiders have been good but I don’t trust their defense. They escaped last week with the Chargers giving another game away at the end. The best comeback in Chiefs history you need to go all the way back to week 1 of this season against the Chargers. The Chargers should move to San Francisco seeing how they close games just like the Giants. A runner up for the Chiefs would be their playoff run in 1994 when they came back from 10 down twice to beat the Oilers and Steelers only to get whacked by the Bills in the AFC Championship game.

Seahawks -6.5 over Falcons – The Falcons passed a big test with flying colors at the Broncos. This is a potential let down game, having to travel across the country for the second week in a row, the Seahawks have had 2 weeks to prepare and get healthy. This spread looks like Vegas trying sucker people into taking the hot Falcons with 6.5 points but this game has blowout written all over it with the Seahags strong defense up front to pressure Matt Ryan and the defensive backs to cover Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu. Pete Carroll is a former defensive backs coach and if anyone has a game plan to stop the Falcon passing attack it’s Carroll with two weeks to prepare. The Greatest comeback for the Seahawks was that NFC Championship game against the Packers on January 18, 2015 when they trailed 19-12 with 2:11 left in the game. Then they puked on their shoes in the Super Bowl against the Patriots, just give the ball to Marshawn Lynch.

Oops, I wanted to be positive and talk about Great comebacks like the Red Sox in 2004. One more year for Papi!

College Football Picks Week 5 – Records last week (overall)

Coach 4-2 (22-9)

AK47 2-3 (16-10)

Dan 2-3 (16-10-1)

Joker 1-3 (14-15)

Coach College Football Picks

West Virginia -1 over Texas Tech – Texas Tech has trouble stopping the run and West Virginia has an offensive line that really likes to run block, they average 4.6 yards a carry. The Tech offense is a big play machine and the Mountaineers are inexperienced on defense but have fared well so far this year. Skyler Howard proved he could pass the ball in last years Bowl win over Arizona State so if Tech puts 8 in the box to stop the run he is more than capable of making them pay. The Mountaineers will win this one in Lubbuck controlling the clock and the game. Lay the 1.5 points

San Diego State -17 over Fresno State – Last week Houston lost knocking out another super underdog from making a Cinderella run to the Final Four. Two weeks ago San Diego State lost at South Alabama, knocking them out of Final Four consideration. They still can win the Mountain West, Western Division and face Boise State (the Broncos are last hope for a super underdog to make the Final Four). The good news for Fresno State is this is a home game where they have been respectable. (win vs. Sacramento State and close loss to Tulsa) Last year the Bulldogs gave up 305 yards on the ground to the Aztecs. They only gave up 104 yards through the air but SDSU only attempted 12 passes. Fresno’s defense is improved but they will have a tough time putting up points against the Aztecs, Lay the points.

Louisville -35.5 over Duke – Duke had a big win in the middle of a hurricane against Army. Louisville comes off the bye and has had 2 weeks to think about the loss to Clemson. The Cardinals have scored between 59-and 70 points in all games not involving Clemson. The question will be can Duke score 30 points because Louisville is going to put up 60. I don’t think they can, the only 2 games they scored over 30 points was NC Central and Notre Dame. Take Louisville to win an angry bounce back game 65-14.

Arizona State +13.5 over Colorado – Arizona State has a potent offense and a defense that swings for the fences trying to make plays with blitzes and ball hawking hits. The PAC South is up for grabs and both these teams want to stay in the hunt but they need to win this game. Arizona State’s offense is too much for the Buffaloes and this game will look similar to the Michigan game. Take the Sun Devils. My riskiest pick by far taking Arizona State on the road.

Buffalo +10.5 over Ball State – Ball State has overachieved this year and usually 1st year coaches struggle but he has had a couple wins on the road and Ball State played tough at Indiana. The Bulls have under achieved and would be winless but they upset Army. The Bulls are coming off a blowout loss on homecoming weekend to Kent State. Ball State has lost their last 2 games to MAC West division favorites Western Michigan and Northern Illinois. I believe Ball State is the better team but 9.5 points is way too much to be giving on the road in a game that Buffalo should be up for after last week’s debacle.

Joker Dan “no nickname” AK47
Maine even over Albany Navy -3 over East Carolina  Baylor -34.5 over Kansas
UNLV +9 over Hawaii Duke +35.5 over Louisville  Tennessee +13 over Alabama
Indiana +3 over Nebraska Wisconsin +10.5 over Ohio State  Wisconsin +10.5 over Ohio State
Michigan even over the BYE week Stanford +3 over Notre Dame  Stanford +3 over Notre Dame
TCU even over the BYE week Colorado +13.5 over Arizona State  South Florida -20 over Uconn
Washington State -5 over UCLA
Tennessee +13 over Alabama
Iowa State +14 over Texas

NFL Picks for Week 6 – Records – Last Week (Overall)

Dan “No Nickname” – 8-6 (43-34)

Coach – 9-5  (43-34)

AK47 – 10-4 (38-39)

Joker – 7-7 (37-40)

NFL week 6 picks Coach Joker Dan “no nickname” AK47
Broncos -3.5 at Chargers Broncos Broncos  Broncos  Broncos
Bengals +9 at Patriots Patriots Patriots  Patriots  Bengals
Ravens +3 at Giants Ravens Giants  Giants  Ravens
Panthers -3 at Saints Panthers Saints  Saints  Panthers
Steelers -7.5 at Dolphins Dolphins Steelers  Steelers  Dolphins
Jaguars +2.5 at Bears Bears Jaguars  Bears  Bears
49ers +8 at Bills 49ers 49ers  Bills  49ers
Rams +3 at Lions Lions Lions  Lions  Lions
Browns +7 at Titans Titans Titans  Titans  Titans
Eagles -2.5 at Redskins Redskins Redskins  Redskins  Eagles
Chiefs +1 at Raiders Chiefs Chiefs  Chiefs  Chiefs
Falcons +6.5 at Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks  Seahawks  Falcons
Cowboys +4.5 at Packers Cowboys Cowboys  Packers  Packers
Colts +3 at Texans Colts Colts  Texans  Colts
Jets +8 at Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals  Jets  Cardinals

NFL Spreadsheet


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