NFL Week 8, College Football Week 9 Picks Card

The Week 8 NFL and College Football Picks Card from the Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast Guys.

Guaranteed 4 NFL Picks from Coach Last Week 2-2, Season Record 11-13

The Halloween Trick or Treats for the Guaranteed 4 this weekend. The picks this week were harder than the candy that cheap neighbor hands outat Halloween that he bought at Wal-Mart on Novemeber 1st of last year. I am not dreesing up as Jeff Fisher this year for Halloween but based on the 5 of 7 weeks I have gone 2-2, I am doing a pretty darn good impression. The picks this week all Treats of course.

Packers +3 over Falcons – Packers getting points? Falcons are what they are last year, a mentally soft team that is poorly coached and will do nothing down the stretch. This division winner in the NFC South will be 9-7 and it could be the Bucs. The Falcons are a top 10 offense in the passing game and running game. The Packers should be able to stop the run. I am not sure that Atlanta’s defense can stop the Packers even with running backs off the practice squad playing for the Packers.

Seahawks -2.5 over Saints – The Seahawks defense is top 5 against the Rush and Pass will get enough stops against the Saints. The Saints defense is bottom 5 in the league in both the Rush and the Pass. The Seahwaks offense in particular Russell Wilson will have a great day in New Orleans because of that Saints defense and that he is a proud father to be soon.

Patriots -6.5 over Patriots – The Patriots will look to destroy after loss to the Bills in week 4. The Buffalo magic ride ended in Miami last week and a win against the crappy Dolphins would have made this game for first place. The Pats offense should have their way with the Bills who are smack dab in the middle of the NFL in defensive efficiency. The Bills have done a really good job running the ball with LeSean McCoy but Bill Belichek will game plan to stop that option. Take the Bills if you think Rex Ryan will have an alternative to McCoy to win this game, I can’t imagine that happening. Advantage Patriots at Quarterback and Coaching. Take the Pats.

Chiefs -2.5 over Colts – The Chiefs hopefully don’t have flashbacks to their playoff loss in 2014 when the Colts were down 28 and came back for a 45-44 victory. There is a possible return of Justin Houston for the Chiefs. Even if Houston is out another week they can generate a pass rush without him against the Colts Swiss Cheese O-Line. The Chiefs offense has been good and Jamal Charles is getting more healthy which will help that unit even more. The Colts defense is really bad against pass and run, take the Chiefs and give the points.

College Football Picks Week 9 – Records last week (overall)

Dan 4-2 (24-15-1)

Coach 1-6 (25-18)

AK47 1-3-1 (20-15-1)

Joker 2-3 (18-19)

Coach College Football Picks

Houston -9 over Central Florida – A fat and happy team versus a hungry team. You always take the hungry team. Houston lost at SMU and it wasn’t pretty. Star QB Greg Ward was held in check. SMU pulled out all the stops and even had a fake punt work. Central Florida after going 0-12 last year is 4-3 through 7 games and is feeling real good about it self after a road victory at UCONN. (What idiot takes UCONN!) Houston and Greg Ward bounce back in this against the UCF Knights in a big way. 650 units

Nebraska +9 over Wisconsin – Undefeated Nebraska has found a way to win games in 2016. They have not had a signature win and have struggled in wins over Oregon, Northwestern, Illinois, and Purdue. They can prove something in Madison this Saturday with a win. Last year the game was close the entire way in a Wisconsin win 23-21. Neither team led by more than 7 points at all during the game. This will be another close game and take the 9 points with Nebraska. 100 units

Texas A&M -43.5 over New Mexico State – The battle of the best Aggie. New Mexico State stinks. When they play the power 5 schools they generally get blown out by 45 or more points. Since 2012 the exceptions were 35 points to Auburn, 44 points BYU, 12 points Boston College and 20 points this year to Kentucky. (BC and Kentucky are weak sisters in power 5 conferences) They had there one cover against a power 5 already this year it’s not likely to happen twice. Texas A&M is almost .500 when favored big by a non-power 5 conference school since 2012 (6-4-1). I am a bit more comfortable picking A&M in just the first half but coming of a loss to Bama that was their first loss they will probably lay the wood to poor New Mexico State like they did to Praire View 67-0. 100 units

UNLV -3 over San Jose State – UNLV losses this year have been against very solid teams (UCLA, San Diego St., Central Michigan, Colorado St.) They only exception was that 3 point loss to Idaho early in the season. San Jose State has the 117th ranked rush per average defense in the country and were torn up by a good running San Diego State team (13th ranked). UNLV is not at the level of the Aztecs but they are a decent running team (21st ranked). Lay the 3 points with the Running Rebels. Emphasis on the running. 100 units

Washington State -13 over Oregon State – This is a bad match up for the Beavers of Oregon State. The Cougars have a darn good offensive passing attack and Oregon State has the 83rd ranked defense for yardage allowed. Even though Washington State has a weaker offensive line the Beavers pass rush is not going to scare Luke Falk. I am a bit nervous that it is homecoming and Oregon State might play above their heads but there is too much talent in the Cougars offense for that defense to stop. 50 units

Joker Dan “Darth Wager” AK47
Florida State +4.5 over Clemson Cal +15 over USC  Michigan State +24.5 over Michigan
New Mexico +3 over Hawaii Oregon State +13 over Washington State  Oklahoma -40.5 over Kansas
Pitt +3.5 over Virginia Tech Virginia Tech -3.5 over Pitt  Louisville -33 over Virginia
Texas A&M -43.5 over New Mexico State Air Force -14 over Fresno St.  Texas A&M -43.5 over new Mexico St.
Umass over Wagner Nebraska +9 over Wisconsin  Nebraska +9 over Wisconsin
Navy +9 over South Florida


NFL Picks for Week 8 – Records – Last Week (Overall)

Dan “No Nickname” – 9-6 (58-47-2)

Coach – 7-8  (56-49-2)

Joker – 6-9 (51-54-2)

AK47 – 5-10 (47-58-2)

NFL week 8 picks Coach Joker Dan” Darth Wager” AK47
Jaguars +3.5 at Titans Titans Titans Jaguars
Redskins +3 vs. Bengals Redskins Bengals  Redskins  Bengals
Packers +3 at Falcons Packers Packers  Falcons  Falcons
Lions +3 at Texans Texans Texans  Texans  Texans
Seahawks -3 at Saints Seahawks Seahawks  Saints  Saints
Patriots -6.5 at Bills Patriots Patriots  Patriots  Bills
Jets -2.5 at Browns Browns Browns  Jets  Browns
Raiders +1 at Buccaneers Buccaneers Raiders  Raiders  Raiders
Chiefs -2.5 at Colts Chiefs Chiefs  Colts  Colts
Chargers +6 at Broncos Chargers Chargers  Chargers  Broncos
Cardinals +2.5 at Panthers Cardinals Cardinals  Panthers  Cardinals
Eagles +4.5 at Cowboys Eagles Cowboys  Cowboys  Cowboys
Vikings -6 at Bears Vikings Vikings  Vikings  Vikings

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