NFL Week 14 – Picks Card

The Week 14 NFL and College Football Picks Standings from the Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast Guys. (The College Football Bowl Picks will be out soon.

Guaranteed 4 NFL Picks from Coach Last Week 4-0, Season Record 28-22-2, 56%

Broncos +1 over Titans – The Broncos need this game badly to make the playoff’s because the remaining schedule is very difficult. The Titans are having a very good season and exceeding expectations but they will have a lot of trouble with the Broncos defense. The ponies will win this one.

Bengals -5.5 over Browns – The Browns are terrible and should be getting more than 7 points in every game at a minimum. Throw out all that division game is always tough and close in this match up. Take the Bungles.

Buccaneers -2.5 over Saints – The second half ride with the Buccaneers has been great. I am not going to stop picking Tampa until they lose and it will not be this week. This might be a close one with the Saints rebounding offensively but the Bucs will win by 3 and cover.

Ravens +7 over Patriots – The Ravens always play well against the Patriots. Joe Flacco plays his best against the Patriots and that New England pass rush doesn’t generate a lot of pressure. Malcolm Butler might shut down Steve Smith but Breshard Perriman and Mile Wallace will have plenty of time to get open. The Pats offense without Gronk might have trouble finishing off scoring drive with touchdowns. The Ravens will cover and possibly win this one.

NFL Picks for Week 14 – Records – Last Week (Overall)

Darth Wager – 4-11 (101-86-5) 54%

Coach – 10-5  (97-90-5) 52%

Joker – 9-6 (94-93-5) 50%

AK47 – 7-8 (84-103-5) 45%

NFL week 14 picks Coach Joker Darth Wager AK47
Raiders +3 at Chiefs Chiefs W Chiefs W  Chiefs W  Raiders L
Broncos +1 at Titans Broncos L Broncos L  Titans W  Broncos W
Chargers +1.5 at Panthers Chargers L Panthers W  Panthers W  Panthers W
Texans +6 at Colts Colts L Texans W  Texans W  Colts L
Bengals -5.5 at Browns Bengals W Bengals W  Bengals W  Browns L
Steelers -2 at Bills Bills L Bills L  Steelers W  Steelers W
Cardinals -1 at Dolphins Dolphins W Dolphins W  Dolphins W  Dolphins W
Bears +8 at Lions Bears W Bears W  Bears W  Bears W
Vikings -3.5 at Jaguars Vikings W Jaguars L  Vikings W  Jaguars L
Saints +2.5 at Buccaneers Buccaneers W Buccaneers W  Buccaneers W  Buccaneers W
Redskins -1 at Eagles Redskins W Redskins W  Redskins W  Eagles L
Jets +2.5 at 49ers 49ers L 49ers L  49ers L  Jets L
Seahawks -3 at Packers Packers W Packers W  Seahawks L  Packers W
Falcons -6 at Rams Falcons W Rams L  Falcons W  Falcons W
Cowboys -3 at Giants Giants W Giants W  Cowboys L  Giants W
Ravens +7 at Patriots Ravens Ravens  Ravens  Ravens

College Football Picks Standings – Records last week (overall)

Dan 5-4 (47-30-1) 61%

AK47 3-6 (35-24-1) 59%

Joker 5-4 (41-28-1) 59%

Coach 3-6 (35-40-2) 47%

Coach College Football Picks – Navy -6 vs. Army

Coach – Army

Joker – Navy

Darth Wager – Navy

AK47 – Navy

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