College Hoops and NBA Picks Feb. 27 – Mar. 5

The Gambling Chalk Talk Guys put our heads together to form one solid opinion for college and NBA games each night. Follow our collaborative picks or your favorite Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast Handicapper.

Coach Last Week 8-6-2

Collaborative 3-5-1

Date Day Collaborative Picks Coach Darth Wager Joker
2/27 Monday Pacers +10 over Rockets
2/28 Tuesday Maryland -5 over Rutgers
3/1 Wednesday Louisville -3.5 over Wake Forest

Rockets +1.5 over Clippers

3/2 Thursday Iowa +11 over Wisconsin

Warriors -7 over Bulls

Trailblazers -1.5 over Thunder

3/3 Friday Knicks -2 over 76ers Wichita St. -21.5 over Bradley Knicks -2 over 76ers

Columbia -2 over Brown

3/4 Saturday UT Arlington -1.5 over UL Lafayette

Illinois -4 over Rutgers

Pitt +12 over Virginia

Seton Hall +8.5 over Butler

Duke +6.5 over North Carolina

3/5 Sunday Minnesota +6.5 over Wisconsin

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