NBA Picks for April 10th-16th

April 10th- April 16th

Last Week:  

Coach: 5-7

Darth: 3-3


Coach: 57-57-2

Darth: 14-7-1


 The Coach

 Darth Wager

Monday April 10th


1. Miami over Cavs (Win)

Tuesday April 11th

Wednesday April 12th (End Of regular Season)

  1. Brooklyn Nets(+9.5) Do not take benching team

   2. Lakers (+13.5)

Thursday April 13th

Friday April 14th



Saturday April 15th

Grizzlies +9 over Spurs

Clippers -5 over Jazz

 1.Pacers (+8.5) over Cleveland

2. Jazz (+5.5) over Clippers



Sunday April  16th

Bulls +7.5 over Celtics

Thunder +7 over Rockets

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