MLB Baseball Week 15 July 10th-16th

MLB Baseball Week 15 Picks for July 10th – July 16th




The MLB picks  from the Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast Guys. To listen to every pick broken down visit the podcast.

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Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast Episode 165, MLB Baseball Picks Week 15 – Jonathan Holder Episode


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The Coach:


Last weeks record:

Best Bet: 4-1

Lean Bets: 6-4

Overall: 10-5

Overall Record

Best Bets: 35-26 (57%)

Lean Picks: 79-60 (57%)

Overall: 114-86(57%)

2016 Record – 279-190 (.595)

The MLB Free Picks for 2017. Last year, 2016 was a success with a .595 win percentage. Coach tries to achieve the Shawn Dunston each week, a ,700 winning percentage. The Shawn Dunston was accomplished six times last season. You can listen to in depth analysis and at times humorous thoughts on each game on the Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast, where we Major in the Wager!




 The Coach: (Best Bets)

(Lean Bets)

Monday July 10th


Tuesday July 11th


Wednesday July 12th

Thursday July 13th

Friday July 14th

 Brewers over Phillies Rays over Angels

Indians/A’s under  8 runs

Saturday July 15th

 Twins over Astros  Dodgers over Marlins

Indians/A’s under 8 runs

Sunday July 16th

 D-Backs over Braves  Indians/A’s 9 under runs

Twins/Astros 9.5 under runs

Darth Wager:

2017 Record:

Last weeks record: 8-4

Units  last week: +1790.34 Units

Units Overall: -203 Units  Units

Overall Record: 123-114 (53%)

Each initial bet begins with a 100 unit bet.  For each loss  the bet is doubled the next game they play. This Darth Wager theory is based on betting against  teams on streak. The republic has to win sooner or later right.

Overall unit balance depicts the balance beginning 5/29/17.




Units won/Loss

Monday June 10th

Tuesday July 11th


Wednesday July 12th


Thursday July 13th

Friday July 14th

 1.) San Francisco over San deigo  1.) X1.15/-115  1.)+100 Units

Saturday July 15th

 2.) Kansas City over Texas  2.) X1.28/-128  2.) -128 units

Sunday July 16th

 3.)Dbacks over Braves

4.)Royals over Rangers


 3.) X1.08/-108

4.) x2.09/+122

 3.)-108 Units

4.) +255 Units

Weekly: +119 Units

Over: -84 Units

“The Joker”


He will  provide his lock of the day. Either you win or the Joker gets locked back up.

Last Week:

Locks of the Day: 1-3

Lock of the Week: 1-0

Regular picks: 7-3

Overall: 9-6



LOD: 12-8 (60%)

LOW: 4-0 (100%)

Regular Picks:38-17(69%)

Overall: 49-23 (68%)



Lock of the Day  

The Jokers Baseball Picks 

Monday July 10th

Tuesday July 11th

Wednesday July 12th

Thursday July 13th


Friday July 14th 

 1.) National over Reds  1.) Tigers over Blue Jays

Saturday July 15th

 2.) Red Sox over Yankees


Chicken Wing Lock of the Week:

1.) Rockies over Mets

2.) Tigers over Jays

3.) Nationals over Reds

4.) Indians over Athletics


Sunday July 16th

   5.) Red Sox over Yankees(Game 2)

Baseball Future Picks



Future Category

 AK 47

 Darth Wager

The Coach

Over/Under Wins and Losses

 1.Nationals over 90.5 
2. Astros over 87.5 
3.Yankees under 83.5 
1. Braves Over 71.5 
2. Padres under 64.5 
3. Cubs under  96.5 
1. Brewers over 71.5 
2. Braves over 71.5 
3. Rays over 75.5 

Division Winners

 AL: Red Sox, Indians , Astros
NL: Nationals, Cards, Dodgers
AL: Red Sox, Indians Astros
NL: Dodgers, Cubs, Nationals
 AL: Red Sox, Indians, Astros
NL: Nationals, Cubs, Giants

AL/NL Champion

 AL: Red Sox

NL: Dodgers

 AL: Indians

NL: Cubs

AL: Red Sox

NL: Nationals

World Series Winner

 Red Sox  Indians Red Sox

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