Do You Know (DYK)

Welcome to our “Do You Know” page where we will tell the future, what is good, what is bad in the world of the sports, movies, television, books and much more.  The theory behind “Do You Know” is that we all know someone; co-worker, brother in-law, uncle that thinks or proclaims they know everything. I call these people the “Do You Know” folks. The acronym for “Do You Know” is DYK (Pronounced DICK) is also another way to categorize these know it all’s.

I have acquired the services of some friends to help break down these interesting topics and to lend their advice from time to time. These friends of mine are just like me, a DYK.

Our “Do You Know Sports” Line Up

The Worm –  A top 10 NFL picks league finish 2 of the past 3 years versus the spread. Thinks he is “Carnac the Magnificent” of sports.

AK47 – High School buddy of the Worm. A long history of streaky pick making ability. His baseball acumen is unmatched.

East Coast Bronco – The organizer of the Vegas trips and fantasy sports guru. Learned under the tutelage of the late great “Yogi the Bear”.

MJ Madness – Will always be wearing at least one item of Michael Jordan clothing even when he showers.

Greenwell39 – A weird infatuation with Mike Greenwell. The driver of the crew while in Vegas. He will drag you out and make you submit in any Texas Hold em tournaments.

The Joker – Forget Batman this is the Joker through and through. Take notice of his football picks they are not a joke! Amateur meteorologist and storm chaser.

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