Book Launch Party

On May 10th from 4:00-6:00 P.M. there will be a Code Blood Red book launch at the Trolley Pub located at 1245 Main St. in Willimantic CT. The Trolley Pub was my favorite bar to stop at after basketball games, work, twilight baseball and to watch football games. It’s still […]

A Day with Richie Andrews (part 3)


Finally two thirty came around, and Richie parked his bucket truck in the lot at United Bell and went inside to turn in his job orders and check out so he can get to practice. Usually it took a good half hour to close everything out, but today was quick. […]

A Day with Richie Andrews (part 2)


Richie flipped his phone onto the passenger seat of the truck and hopped in to fetch a paper, now that it was a more reasonable time in the morning. Driving down the road, he pulled into the Stop and Shop grocery store and ran in as quickly as possible to […]

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