A Day with Richie Andrews (part 2)

Richie flipped his phone onto the passenger seat of the truck and hopped in to fetch a paper, now that it was a more reasonable time in the morning. Driving down the road, he pulled into the Stop and Shop grocery store and ran in as quickly as possible to grab a Hartford Courant. Luckily, the store was practically empty and he got out fast. If he’d stayed too long in a spot not on his job list, he knew he’d have to answer questions about what he was doing. No matter how innocent, he was never up for that. Arriving at the second job on his list, he pulled off to the side of the road and opened up the paper to the Sports section. After giving the articles a quick run-through, he focused in on the Glantz-Culver line, looking for some good hoop games to bet on to make up for last night’s losses.

Lousy paper doesn’t have nearly the coverage it had a few years ago. I will need to do some research on the Internet to nail these picks tonight. He reached for his phone, then opened up the web and hit the favorites button for the Ken Pomeroy website. He quickly started comparing the kenpom rankings of teams playing against each other in the NCAA games that night. He found a few great matchups up of highly ranked kenpom teams with small point spreads. He then opened NBA.com and reviewed the three-day-glance calendar to see what teams were playing the second game of a back to back on-the-road.

Jotting down the games he chose to play that night, Richie shook his head and said to himself, “Feels like cheating when I use these tricks to win.” With a shrug, he dialed the special number in New York.

“Richie Rich phoning in a friend.” Richie gave his name and password to place the bets.

“Hey, Richie, how ya doin? We actually took some money from you last night,” Joe, one of the runners, said.

“I will get it all back tonight though,” Richie challenged.

“Usually I tell someone when they say that, you are just chasing . . . this is how you get in trouble . . . but for you it is probably just a bump in the road. How much have you collected this year?” Joe asked.

“Almost twenty so far this year. Here is what I need for tonight, 10 timer on the Celtics getting 3.5 over the Heat, 20 timer on Tennessee getting 8.5 over Maryland, and a 20 timer USC getting 5 over Oregon State.” Richie quickly spouted off his picks, betting less on the NBA game just to be safe.

“Got it, Richie. When are you going to start running for us. We could use a guy in the Middlesex area,” Joe said, rolling into the sales pitch.

“I know. This is just a fun thing for me not a business thing. Feel free to use my bets for yourselves though, maybe hold them or pass them on to someone else,” Richie said, cordially turning down the illegal business offer.

“Oh, we already do that. Have a good day, Richie.” Joe confirmed what Richie had already suspected.

Richie hopped out of the truck and started working on his second job of the day, looking to drag it out until lunchtime. I need to get some ideas from Bill, Scott, Cliff, and Greg at practice about what to do with Jeremy. He goes through job number two thinking of ideas of what to do about his son Jeremy without being an overbearing jerk of a parent.

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