Baseball 2015 Season Preview

Baseball season is upon us yet again which means the glacier currently residing in my front yard should soon be gone! The “Do you know Sports” crew takes a look on the season and some question marks for players, managers and teams.

The Baseball pre-season predictions for 2015 from the Worm and AK47.


Pablo Sandoval – Total Regular Season Hits 148.5 (-115)

Worm – under, AK47 – under

I am super excited about the Panda in a Sox uniform this season. I am hoping he gets called El Guapo by the fans so I can break out my old t-shirt of the former Sox fat middle reliever and wear it proudly. Probably gets hurt to keep his hits below 148. I just hope he is healthy for the playoff’s.


Chris Davis – Total Regular Season Home Runs 30.5 (under +105, over -135)

Worm – under, AK47 over

I wanted Davis for my fantasy team and got out bid in the auction. Go with AK47’s pick with this one as I am just spiteful that he is not on my squad and want him to be under 30 dingers and strike out 200 times because he will probably have a great year and cost me the championship.


Over Under on Following teams

Red Sox 86.5 (over -130, under even) Worm over, AK47 over

Risky pick here as AK and I are both homers that like the Sox. Bettor Beware.

Yankees 82.5 (over and under -115) Worm over, AK47 under

I am rooting for the Yanks this year to compete and finish second to the SOX. I have tickets for the game on May 3rd and I want my kids to actually see the game be a rivalry so I actually have to root for the pinstripes to be competitive.

Orioles 83.5 (over and under -115) Worm over, AK47 over

Dan Duquette – more on him when we get to the Cubs.

Mets 83.5 (over and under -115) Worm under, AK47 under

Seriously it’s the Mets. They are the equivalent to the Raiders or the Knicks. They will invent a way to lose 90 or break your heart and win 83 games and blow a 10 run lead in the ninth with two outs in the last game of the season.

Cubs 83.5 (over and under -115) Worm under, AK47 over

Shocked AK went with the Cubbies over. Golden Boy Theo did win a couple titles in Boston but many of those players were picked up by former GM Dan Duquette.The last I checked the Duke has worked for a bunch of teams but not the Cubbies. No way I can go with the Cubs ever especially when their last winning season was 2009 and they lost 89 games last year. I just can’t see them improving by that much this year.


 AL ChampionWorm – Oakland, AK – Detroit

NL ChampionWorm – St. Louis, AK – St. Louis

World Series ChampionWorm – Oakland, AK – St. Louis

Oakland is bound to win at some point. This is the year they get over the hump and win it all. The Cubs have the 6th best odds to win it all???? They won’t get over the hump.

First Manager Fired

Fredi Gonzalez+250, Robin Ventura +450, Terry Collins +500, Matt Williams +500, Lloyd McClendon+200, Clint Hurdle +200, the Field +115

Worm – Matt WIlliams, AK – Matt Williams

Matt WIlliams is in a tough spot as a first year manager with the Nat’s as they are the favorite to win the World Series. They better get off to a good start or he could be gone and it will be tough as they have already had a couple of injuries.


Lowest Average Attendance per home game

Tampa-150, Cleveland-150 , Houston -150, Miami -150, the field +115

Worm – Tampa, AK – Miami

There are just too many other things for the people of Florida to enjoy.

Date the new Commissioner pops his cherry on a controversial topic

Prior to July 1 (even), After July 1 (even), July 1st  (+10,000) or no controversy (+750)

Worm – No Controversy, AK – After July 1st

I think the NFL has cornered the market on controversy and baseball get a pass this year.


 Tie Breaker – How many Homeruns will the MLB leader have in 2015.

Worm – 39, AK – 44

Under 40 homers for me this year thanks to the crack down on PED’s. The last time the MLB homerun leader had less than 40 dingers was 1982 when Gorman Thomas and Reggie Jackson shared the crown with 39.


Go Sox!

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