NBA 2015 Playoff Preview

The NBA playoff’s begins on Saturday and the best and most intense basketball will be played over the next two months. We have a contest among the “Do you know Sports” crew to see who will take home the most money if we made a $100 wager on 5 bets; 1st round upset, Eastern Conference Champion, Western Conference Champion, NBA Champion and a wild card pick.

First Round Upset Picks

Our first pick will be the potential first round upset most will not see coming but “Do you know Sports” crew is ready to cash in big. Does 2015 have a mega first round upset like the 2007 Warriors over the Mavs, 1994 Nuggets over the Sonics or 2011 Grizzlies over Spurs.

AK47 – Bucks +500

MJ Madness – Mavs +225

East Coast Bronco – No upsets, he is pocketing the $100

Worm – Nets +750

Another 8 seed upset with the Nets. The Hawks are a little banged up and the Nets have some talent with Bojan Bogdanovic, Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson. The difference maker in this series is Paul Pierce. I know he is no longer on the Nets but the crafty veteran is pulling a Jedi mind trick on underwhelming but talented point guard Deron Williams by publically talking trash about his former teammate. The Wizards will play the winner of the Hawks vs. Nets series in the second round and of course Pierce would much rather play the #8 seed Nets and the only way they can win is if Deron Williams plays like a superstar he was years ago. Pierce was well schooled by Red Auerbach.

East Champion Pick

AK47 – Cavs -240

MJ Madness – Cavs -240

East Coast Bronco – None he is pocketing the $100

Worm – Bulls +600

Why the Bulls? The #1 seed Hawks are beat up physically and will struggle versus the Nets. The #2 seed Cavs have the best player in the world and a bunch of guys who have never played in a big game before. The Cavs need to learn as they go and will get a well coached Celtics team in round 1 that could give them a test. The second round they get a Bulls team that has size, playoff experience, Pau Gasol and the best health they have had at this time of the year in ages.

West Champion Pick

AK – Mavs +3000

MJ Madness – Spurs +220

East Coast Bronco – None he is pocketing the $100

MJ Madness – Clippers +900

Why the Clippers? Two of the best players in the league with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. A monster in the middle protecting the rim and finishing on the pick and roll with DeAndre Jordan. There bench is weak but that is not a big factor in the playoff’s as the bench is used less due to longer timeouts in game and days off between games to save legs.

NBA Champions

AK47 – Cavs +220

MJ Madness – Cavs +220

East Coast Bronco – Bulls +1800

Worm – Clippers +1800

Why the Clippers? Even match up with Bulls and Clips but the karma factor is huge for the Clippers. Last year the whole Donald Sterling saga sabotaged their potential playoff run. This year, the first without Donald Sterling, they will win the title and that clown will not be able to celebrate or be part of any of the festivities that go with winning a title.

Wild Card Pick – Some picks to cash in on, if you have the guts to go for the glory.

AK47 – None he is pocketing the $100

MJ Madness – Cavs vs. Spurs finals +320

East Coast Bronco – None he is pocketing the $100

Worm – Bulls over Bucks in 6 games +400

No hockey picks! The NHL playoff’s have also started and I do consider the NHL a major sport but the sport is dead to me until Hartford get their team back. The Great Whale was stolen from Connecticut by Peter Karmanos and former Governor Lowell Weicker.

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