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The NBA playoff’s are complete, the draft has taken place and the free agent players are cashing in as the owners throw money around like they are in Vegas. One thing for sure is our “Do you know sports” crew flopped like LeBron making their picks. Our four guest prognosticators did not do that well as each started with $500 to make potentially five $100 bets and only one the Worm broke even.

The first category was first round upset. Ak47 had the Bucks, MJ Madness had the Mavs  and the Worm had the Nets and we all lost. East Coast Bronco decided to pocket that $100 as he didn’t feel their was an upset. Goes to show you some of your best moves are the moves you DON’T make. (Take heed Red Sox – Anthony Rizzo and Jose Iglesias)

The second and third category was Eastern Conference Champ and Western Conference Champ. AK 47 and MJ Madness both won with -240 odds with the Eastern Conference pick of the Cavs and pocketed $141.67 for their correct pick with their $100 dollar bet. The Worm lost with the Bulls in the East and the Clips in the West. AK47 and MJ Madness lost their West pick with the Mavs and Spurs respectively. The East Coast Bronco once again pocketed his $100 for each pick.

The fourth category was the NBA champion and all of us lost on that pick. AK47 and MJ Madness both had the Cavs, the East Coast Bronco actually made a pick and lost with the Bulls and the Worm lost with the Clips.

The last and final category was our wild card picks where each of our “Do you Know Sports” prognosticators could pick from a wide variety of prop bets. No one picked the Cavs to have two of their top three players get injured and not finish the playoff’s. AK47 took a page out of the East Coast Bronco’s book and decided to just pocket his $100. MJ Madness went with a Cavs and Spurs final prop bet that lost. The Worm hit on his prop bet of the Bulls winning their first round series with the Buck in 6 games with +400 odds. The East Coast Bronco pocketed his $100 again.

Our Final Standings after starting with $500 looks like this.

Worm – breaks even with $500 as the Bulls almost imploding versus the Bucks helps him cash in.

EC Bronco – $400 as he loses the one bet he made.

AK47 – Finishes third with $241.67 as he pockets $100 when he doesn’t make a wild card pick and picks the Cavs as Eastern Champs.

MJ Madness – Limps in with $141.67 as only the Cavs as Eastern Champ comes through.

Lesson learned, bet the favorites in the NBA.

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