Do You Know Sports – MLB Update

The “Do You Know Sports” guys made some MLB predictions prior to the season.  (aka – the DYKS – Really! the acronym looks like Dicks. We might need a name change.) We are going to take a look and see how those picks are looking as we head down the home stretch.

Pablo Sandoval hits over /under 148.5 (-115) – Worm and AK47 – UNDER

The Panda is currently at 92 hits with a .254 batting average with about 40 games remaining. Our UNDER pick looks pretty safe, especially with the Sox playing so badly the Panda is assured to get a few days off so the younger players get some experience.

Chris Davis homers over/under 30.5 (under -105, over -135) – Worm UNDER, AK47 – OVER

He has already gone over and is on 31 and counting. Nice bounce back year for Chris Davis. Some say 2014 was a bad year although, 26 homers and 72 RBI’s is no slouch, many were hung up on the batting average that was below Mendoza.

Red Sox Wins over/under 86.5 (-130) – Worm and AK47 – OVER

I think the under is safe in this one, unless the Sox can go 37-2 down the stretch.

Yanks Wins over/under 82.5 (-115) – Worm OVER, AK47 – UNDER

They are on pace for the over but I hope they flop down the stretch like the Braves in 2011. If the Sox are in last and miserable I want the Yankees to join us.

Orioles Wins over/under 83.5 (-115) – Worm and AK47 – OVER

This is another one that is going to come down to the wire.

Mets Wins over/under 83.5 (-115) – Worm and AK47 – UNDER

WOW! They look like they totally screw up the trade deadline. They trade their shortstop and make him cry and then the trade doesn’t go through do to “medical reasons”. Then they pull off a few moves and they are like the damn Miracle Mets. The shortstop Wilmer Flores is now a fan legend because he apparently cares about being on that team as much as the fans like the team. It is the Mets they are more than capable of screwing this up but the OVER should be safe with their pitching.

Cubs Wins over/under 83.5 (-115) – Worm and AK47 – UNDER

The Cubs have a more than realistic shot of hitting the over. They do play in a very tough division with Pittsburgh and St. Louis so the under is still in play.

AL Champ – Worm – Oakland, AK47 – Detroit


NL CHAMP – Worm and AK47 – St. Louis

Looking good at this point.

World Series Champ – Worm – Oakland, AK47 – St. Louis

AK47 still has a chance with the Cards. Josh Donaldson still has a chance, oops that’s right he plays for Toronto now. The Jays have a chance.

First Manager Fired – Worm and AK47 – Matt Williams

The first one was Mike Redmond of the Miami Marlins. I don’t know how we didn’t see that coming they have only had 8 managers since they won the World Series in 2003.

Lowest Attendance – Worm – Tampa, AK47 Miami

The Tampa pick looks correct at this point as they are averaging almost 16,000 per night. Cleveland is the next with about 18,500 per night. Miami is averaging a paltry 22,000 a night but still way ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Date the new Commissioner pops his cherry on a controversial topic – Prior to July 1 (even), After July 1 (even), July 1st  (+10,000) or no controversy (+750) – Worm – None, AK47 aftger July 1st

I would have to say none at this point. The A-Rod vs.the Yankees home run bonus looked like it might turn ugly but the MLB office got involved and at the end of the day charities recieved money and both A-Rod and the Yankees looked like good guys. (That’s not easy to do A-Rod is A-Rod and the Yankees are known as the evil empire). The Cardinals hacking of the Houston Astros looked bad at first but the initial reports are not as damning as what seems to be coming out of the investigation. Major League baseball seems to have a competent commissioner in Rob Manfred especially as things that could end up as controversies seem to be none issues as he deftly manages his position as leader of baseball. How do you think Roger Goodell would of handled both of those issues? Probably with much more controversy and media attention so no one pays attention to the concussion issue and health of former players issue going in the NFL.

Tie Breaker – How many Home Runs by the MLB leader? Worm – 39, AK47 – 44

Nelson Cruz is already at 34 so it looks like AK47 might be closer in this one. I am a little disappointed AK47 went with 44 homers instead of 47.

I will be at Fenway on Monday to check out the Indians and see if the Sox can get a win in at least one game I attend this year. If Sweet Caroline doesn’t play in the middle of the 8th and you hear some Ozzy or LL Cool J you know I have successfully bribed an intern to change the music.




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