Comedy Movie Bracket Madness Review

Our second Bracket Madness Tournament was to determine the best comedy movie of all-time. We had a field of 64 and we did this really convoluted and confusing group play voting of comedians to get their movies into the tournament. We did have a field of 64 and we ran the tournament from March 9th through April 6th of 2015, roughly the same time as the NCAA Basketball Tournament. We had four comedy brackets named after late show hosts; David Letterman, Jay Leno, Johnny Carson and Graham Norton (late night host for BBC). We rated the movies fairly well despite our confusing venture into group play, that’s what we get for trying to use a soccer format.

Round 1 – The seeding proved true in the first round as only 3 upsets occurred and they all happened to be #10 seeds; Wedding Crashers, Meatballs and Christmas Vacation.

Round 2 – The second round was much more interesting for those that like upsets. The Letterman Bracket had #5 seed Revenge of the Nerds and #7 seed Old School advance. The Leno Bracket had #5 Billy Madison and #10 Christmas Vacation move forward. The Griswolds were riding high following their Xmas Movie Bracket Madness Championship a few months prior. The Carson Bracket had the #5 seed Great Outdoors and #6 seed Uncle Buck produce mild upsets. The Norton Bracket went chalk with Ghostbusters, Caddyshack, Stripes and the Hangover holding the line.

Sweet 16 – The Letterman Bracket had the #7 seed Old School advancing setting up the battle of college movies with #1 seed Animal House. The Leno Bracket was a Happy Madison production with two Adam Sandler movies advancing in #3 Happy Gilmore and #5 Billy Madison. The Carson Bracket went the John Candy route with #5 seed Great Outdoors and #6 Uncle Buck staying alive. The Norton Bracket continued to go chalk with Ghost Busters and Caddyshack.

Elite 8 – The Elite 8 had two upset as #6 Uncle Buck and #5 Billy Madison punched their ticket to the Final Four. The last two spots went to #1 seeds Ghostbusters and Animal House.

Final Four – the upset tour of John Candy and Adam Sandler ended in the Final Four as Ghostbusters and Animal House held off the two comedy giants. The comedy field towards the end was littered with Harold Ramis, Jouhn Hughes and Adam Sandler contributions. Uncle Buck was the lone representive without an SNL alumnus. 

Championship – Ghostbusters beat Animal House for the title as best comedy movie. I am sure revenge is being planned at Faber College by the members of Delta House.

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