Cartoon Bracket Madness Tournament Preview – The Toon Tourney

We have our fourth tournament prepped and ready to go, The Cartoon Bracket Madness Tournament. We selected the top 48 Cartoons for our field with the top four seeds in each bracket getting a first round bye. The Brackets were broken down into four categories; superhero, animal, oddball and old school. Each Bracket is named after its number one seed.

The Simpsons Bracket – The Simpsons are the leader of the bracket of the old school cartoons. The Flintstones snag the #2 seed and the Jetsons lock down the #3 seed. The Smurfs Fra-la-la all the way to the #4 seed.

The South Park Bracket – South Park leads the bracket of super hero cartoons. I guess Kenny is a Super Hero the kid can’t die. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are the #2 seed, Batman is the #3 seed and Super Friends gets the last bye with the #4 seed.

The Family Guy Bracket – Family Guy is the #1 seed in the bracket of animals. Another reach on this one but I guess the Dog Brian counts even though he died and was brought back to life by Stewie. The next three cartoon earning bye’s are #2 Scooby Doo, Rocky and #3 Bullwinkle Show and #4 Duck Tales.

The Looney Tunes Bracket – Looney Tunes leads the bracket of odd ball cartoons. I would consider the Looney Tunes old school but they are a bit of an odd ball as they have a wide variety of cartoon characters. The #2 seed went to Sponge Bob Square Pants. The #3 seed is Futurama. The last bye went to #4 seed Beavis and Butthead.

The voting for the first round begins on Labor Day (9/7/15) and will be open all week on the website. This gives all those who are not facebook users or those that don’t check facebook every day the opportunity to vote on all the match ups. We will also have voting open on facebook at the Bracket Madness page during the week. Voting closes on Friday at 9:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. We will have a wrap up of the results for the week on Saturday.


1st Round – Monday 9/7/15 – Friday 9/12/15

2nd Round – Monday 9/14 – Friday 9/18/15

Sweet 16 – Monday 9/21 – Friday 9/25

Elite 8 – Monday 9/28 – Friday 10/2

Final Four – Monday 10/5 – Friday 10/5

Championship – Monday 10/12 – Friday 10/16


The Toon Tourney Seeding and Brackets are finally here and a special thanks to Bracket Madness follower Jesse Bakke for the suggestion of a Cartoon Bracket. Did we miss a cartoon here or there? Maybe? Let us know.

Simpsons Bracket South Park Bracket Family Guy Bracket Looney Tunes Bracket
1. Simpsons 1. South Park 1. Family Guy 1. Looney Tunes
2. Flintstones 2.TMNT 2. Scooby-Doo  2. SpongeBob  SquarePants
3.Jetsons 3.Batman 3. Rocky And Bullwinkle Show 3.Futurama
4.Smurfs 4.Super Friends 4. Duck Tales 4. Beavis And Butthead
5.Peanuts 5.Justice League 5.Chip And Dale Rescue Rangers 5. Tiny Toon Adventures
6.inspector Gadget 6.Spiderman 6.Yogi The Bear 6.Avatar The Last Airbender
7.Tom And Jerry 7.Thundercats 7.Huckleberry Hound Show 7.Dexter Laboratory
8.Josie And The Pussy Cats 8.He Man 8.Ren And Stimpy 8.GI Joe
9. Rugrats 9.Star Wars Clone Wars 9.Woody Wood Pecker Show 9.Animaniacs
10. Johnny Quest 10.Superman 10.Under Dog 10.Transformers
11. Popeye 11.Speed Racer 11.Garfield And Friends 11.Pinky And Brain
12.Fat Albert 12.X-men 12. Pink Panther 12.Archer

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