NFL 4 Downs and D.Y.K.S. Season Picks Tournament!


A quick look at my bold predictions for this upcoming NFL Season.

Four Downs with the Worm

1st Down – JPP (Jason Pierre Paul) finally comes back to the Giants after all the pre-season contests are over in what everyone thinks it’s because of his amputated fingers from a firework accident. The real reason is he is not into working out and this is the classic move to avoid training camp. He is all set and ready to go on Sunday night versus the Cowboys in week 1 but during introductions as the Cowboys come out of the tunnel to pyrotechnics and fireworks he curls into the fetal position. He only plays in home games as he suffers from PTSD in all the away games. The Giants ban pyrotechnics at home and they go on to have a dominant home defense.

2nd Down – The Patriots are the only team in this division with a quarterback that can win. The scary part is Commissioner Goodbar (I know it’s Goodell but Goodbar is an underrated candy bar) almost let them find out if they actually have two legit quarterbacks. The Texans if they actually play Ryan Mallett will solidify the Patriots prowess at picking quarterbacks, to bad they can’t do the same thing when the draft a receiver.

3rd Down – The Eagles did a major reboot and we will certainly find out if Chip Kelly is a genius this year. The re-boot I will be watching is the one in New Orleans. Sean Payton and Drew Brees will have a challenge to maintain their high powered offense after losing Jimmy Graham and their current receiving core.

4th Down – The Vikings will make a big jump this year. Teddy Bridgewater in year two, Adrian Peterson and a slew of capable running backs ready to run when he gets hurt (karma is a bitch) and a tough defense.


The “Do You Know Sports” (DYKS – it pronounced Dicks) Guys have been eagerly anticipating this upcoming football season. We are in the process of finalizing our predictions for Division Champions, Playoff Teams, AFC Champion, NFC Champion, Super Bowl Champion and some prop picks. We are having a tournament all season to figure out who is the best at handicapping NFL games versus the point spread. Each of the DYKS will pick between 3-5 games each week of the NFL season except the week of Thanksgiving, weeks 15-17 and the playoffs. The week of Thanksgiving all 3 Turkey Day Games will be picked in addition to the 3-5 Sunday/Monday games. In week 15 and week 16 each person must pick 5 games. In the final week of the season and in the playoff’s every game must be picked.

A regular season champion will based on top winning percentage in weeks 1-17.

A playoff champion will be decided on best winning percentage during the playoff’s.

The overall champion will be determined by the highest winning percentage based on regular season + playoff’s + pre-season predictions.

Each week we will have a guest make their picks and try to top the DYKS. The guests will have a chance to win the regular season championship based on their collaborative effort. One lucky guest will get the opportunity to compete against the DYKS for the Playoff Championship. Two guest we have lined up are Steve Cervizzi and Ray Elliott. If you read my second book Fourth and Dead (and based on the latest sales report you haven’t) these two are the sports reporters from the “Football Freaks” podcast that are so helpful to William Russell getting his football picks correct. (This will actually be the real Steve Cervizzi and Ray Elliott that are both actually pretty good at picking games but have no idea about podcast’s.)

Pick Schedule

Week 1 – 3-5 games

Week 2 – 3-5 games

Week 3 – 3-5 games

Week 4 – 3-5 games

Week 5 – 3-5 games

Week 6 – 3-5 games

Week 7 – 3-5 games

Week 8 – 3-5 games

Week 9 – 3-5 games

Week 10 – 3-5 games

Week 11 – 3-5 games

Week 12 – 3 Thanksgiving Games and 3-5 games Sunday/Monday

Week 13 – 3-5 games

Week 14 – 3-5 games

Week 15 – 5 games

Week 16 – 5 games

Week 17 – all 16 games

Wild Card Weekend – All Games

Divisional Weekend – All Games

Conference Championships – Both Games

Super Bowl – Game and Over/Under

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