Do You Know Sports (DYKS) Playoff Predictions

The NFL season arrives tonight with the Patriots and Steelers kicking off the season. All of New England is over joyed that Tom Brady has been vindicated and his four game suspension has been over turned via the legal system. The New York Giants fans are ecstatic because now the Patriots play the Cowboys with Tom Terrific (Brady not Seaver) instead of their back up. The entity most excited about Tom Brady and his stay of execution is Roger Goodbar (Goodell) and the NFL! Why is Mr. Goodbar so happy? He is not happy because of his milk chocolate or nutty filling. Mr. Goodbar is a very happy commissioner because he was able to spread the whole deflategate stupidity from Super Bowl media week through the entire off-season. Instead of the media covering violence against women, head injuries and the health of retired players we were all distracted by the amount of air in twelve footballs in the first half of the AFC Championship game. The countless times I have heard on radio and television that Mr. Goodbar is a clown, a control freak, has had his butt handed to him in the court case and has wasted millions on lawyers in the deflategate case only helps the smoke screen. He is smarter than he looks or whoever is pulling the strings of the Mr. Goodbar puppet is a genius because they spent millions of dollars on lawyers for enourmous media coverage on a non-issue topic while avoiding the real problems. The best news for Mr. Goodbar is he can file for an appeal and start the whole distraction game again. My prediction is the appeal will be filed around the start of the off-season so he can spend a few million on some lawyers to distract everyone from the real issues for another year. Enough of Mr. Goodbar! The games are here again and I will post every Saturday our weekly picks. Today the DYKS give their predictions for each division, wild card, AFC Champion, NFC Champion and Super Bowl Champion. The Giants-Patriots faced off in 2008 and again in 2012. I really liked the Ravens to make the Super Bowl this year but it has been four years since the last Giants-Patriots Super Bowl and it seemed appropriate to swap in the Pats and go with that match-up. I am taking the Steelers plus 7.5 over the Pats tonight. The Patriots always struggle early in the season as the figure things out. The Steelers are missing their starting running back and center but the Pats do not have Vince Wilfork. The Steelers should be able to keep it within a touchdown or pull off the upset outright. The rest of the DYKS picks will come out Friday night.

Picks for the Division Champions, Wild Cards, AFC Champ, NFC Champ and Super Bowl Champs

Do You Know Sports Guy The Worm AK47 East Coast Bronco MJ Madness Greenwell 39 The Joker Bear Jonuts
AFC East Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots  Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots
AFC North Ravens Steelers Steelers Ravens  Steelers Steelers Steelers Bengals
AFC South Colts Colts Colts Colts  Colts Colts Texans Colts
AFC West Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos  Broncos Broncos Chiefs Chiefs
AFC Wild Card Bengals Dolphins Dolphins Bills  Ravens Dolphins Colts Broncos
AFC Wild Card Chiefs Ravens Chiefs Steelers  Bengals Chiefs Broncos Steelers
NFC East Cowboys Eagles Cowboys Eagles  Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Eagles
NFC North Packers Vikings Lions Packers  Packers Packers Packers Packers
NFC South Saints Saints Falcons Saints  Saints Falcons Saints Saints
NFC West Cardinals Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks  Cardinals Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks
NFC Wild Card Seahawks Packers Packers Cardinals  Vikings Saints Rams Cardinals
NFC Wild Card Giants Cowboys Eagles Cowboys  Seahawks Giants Falcons Lions
AFC Champion Patriots Colts Patriots Colts  Patriots Colts Chiefs Colts
NFC Champion Giants Seahawks Cowboys Cowboys  Cowboys Packers Saints Seahawks
S.B. Champ Giants Seahawks Cowboys Colts  Cowboys Colts Chiefs Seahawks

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