The Giants Didn’t Make Me Vomit (DYKS Week 3 Picks)

The Giants didn’t make me vomit this week but they tried their best with a 4th quarter kickoff return and inability to field an onside kick. The start of Week 3 of the NFL season and we have 9 teams in desperation mode. It is tough enough to recover from an 0-2 start as the Giants did in 2007 when the won the Super Bowl and ruined the New England Patriots prefect season. Ironically the Giants also lost to the Cowboys in week 1 in 2007. I am rooting for history to repeat itself every four years and the Giants vs. Patriots playing in the Super Bowl. I would be ecstatic for a Patriots undefeated season and the chance to break their hearts again. An 0-3 start though is much more difficult to overcome. Only 5 teams have accomplished the feat of starting 0-3 and making the playoff’s; the 81 Jets, 82 Buccaneers, 92 Chargers, 95 Lions and 98 Bills. The Buccaneers did that in 1982 during a strike shortened season so a bit of an asterisk for that one. The nine teams at 0-2 can be sorted into 4 categories; 1) WTF, 2) divisional showdown, 3) big trouble and 4) should win.

WTF? – This category belongs solely to the Eagles. The looked like dog feces in the 1st half versus the Falcons, in the 2nd half they looked like an unstoppable force and then managed to find a way to lose the game. The game against the Cowboys I can’t even explain as they showed no offense, the defense couldn’t stop Brandon Weeden and they lost badly. This week the Eagles are on the road to face the 2-0 Jets that have looked impressive versus the woeful Browns and the AFC contender Colts. The Eagles believe it or not are not in bad shape even with a loss to the Jets thanks to their division. The Cowboys resemble the MASH 4077 unit, the Giants can’t get out of their own way and Washington is Washington. I know most don’t like betting against a home dog but lay the points with the Eagles.

Divisional Showdown – Four teams at 0-2 have big divisional games this week.

The Ravens are home for the Bengals in a must win situation. The Ravens had a tough match up in week one at the high altitude of Denver and they stayed out west (never works) to play in Oakland for week 2. The Denver game was close and they played well despite the loss. The Raider game just went bad from Jump Street. I wonder if Jump Street actually exists. I bet it’s one block down from 123 Fake Street. (Simpsons fans know the reference) They fought back against the Raiders and tied the game after trailing by double digits twice. The Ravens will not be looking ahead to their Thursday night match up next week versus the Steelers and will win versus the Bengals, but only by field goal so make sure you are getting 3.5 points.

The Giants versus Washington on Thursday night. The Giants will win this one and cover the spread that started as 3.5 points and moved to 4.5 points. (I wrote this section prior to the game on Thursday. I swear to the almight Homer Simpson that is true.) Patriot fans are you ready for round three! 2007, 2011, 2015?

The Saints are at the Panthers and Drew Brees is out. This could be a game that gets tossed into the big trouble category but Sean Payton is a very good coach and the have a solid running game. The Saints have many new players as they did a reboot to change the culture. They lost to the woeful Bucs at home but the Saints have struggled lately at home and the Bucs played well last year in New Orleans. There other loss is to a pretty darn good Cardinals team. I would not be shocked to see the Saints surprise all with a straight up victory in Sunday.

Indianapolis is at the Titans for the last divisional showdown. The Colts are only giving 3.5 in this game and by all means give the points and take the money. The Colts lost to a good Bills team on the road in week 1. The Jets played really well in week 2 and Ryan Fitzpatrick didn’t make any mistakes which is rare for both of those events to occur at the same time. The Titans blitzed the Bucs in week 1 with a defensive touchdown early and the Bucs gave up, not a shock that has been the Bucs M.O. since Gruden left. The Titans then lost in Cleveland to Johnny Manziel, need I say more than that statement. The Titans are bad, the Colts are one of the best teams in the AFC and you are only giving 3.5 points.

Big Trouble – The Lions and Bears are in big trouble this week. The Bears more so than the Lions.

The Lions at least are at home but the get the Broncos tough defense and Peyton Manning in a dome. This game will be all Denver unless the Lions defense can generate a couple scores. The only good news for the Lions is at least they are not the Bears.

The Bears have to travel to Seattle in the only match up of two 0-2 teams. The Bears are 0-2 after losing both games at home, they travel to possibly the toughest stadium to play and they will be playing with their back up quarterback. The Seahawks have lost an overtime game at the Rams which has played them well in the past and then played a prime time game at the Packers a contender in the NFC that was looking for revenge after last years conference championship game. The Seahawks also have the heart of their defense Kam Chancelllor back this week. Somewhere I hear taps playing off in the distance.

The Should Win – The last two teams are the should win Texans and Seahawks.

Seahawks vs. Bears. You just read about that, move on to the Texans.

The Texans will win but I am not sure about the 7.5 point spread. I would stay away from this game as the Texans quarterback situation, running back situation and the concussion to DeAndre Hopkins is just not stable enough for me to touch them with a ten foot pole. The Texans should win because they have JJ Watt and the Bucs will have a let down after coming off a big divisional win on the road versus the Saints and now they are on the road to play an out of conference game.

Our Guest this week is Keith Rice an old friend from my American Legion baseball days with Jim Mello and Mike Pehowdy. We made a Red Sox fight song based on superstar Randy Kutcher way back when the Sox did nothing but frustrate their fans, how times have changed. They have changed a little at least as we no longer have to hear 1918. He had a radio show in the early 90’s at Eastern Connecticut State University with quite possibly the best trivia show game ever in the early stages of his broadcast career. Keith has had an interesting path on radio and sports has always been a big part of his life. He takes a crack this week as the guest trying to beat the DYKS guys and will try to match “the Panda” Steve Cervizzi Jr. who went 4-1 last week.

Here are Keith’s Week 3 picks….fully endorsed by Randy Kutcher!

Ravens and points. Baltimore doesn’t go 0-3 especially playing at home.

Indy with points. Luck finally breaks out and takes it out on the Titans

Arizona and the 6.5 at home. The Niners are just not that good.

Bears keep it under a 2 touchdown game versus Seattle.

WEEK 2 Results and Season Standings

Last Week Name W L Ovr W Pct.
3-1 The Worm 7 2 0.778
1-3 East Coast Bronco 5 3 0.625
2-3 MJ Madness 6 4 0.600
3-2 Greenwell 39 6 4 0.600
4-1 Guest 6 4 0.600
2-3 The Joker 5 5 0.500
2-3 Bear 5 5 0.500
3-2 AK47 4 5 0.444
1-3 Jonuts 2 5 0.286

WEEK 3 Picks

Do You Know Sports Guy The Worm AK47 East Coast Bronco MJ Madness Greenwell 39
Game 1 Colts -3.5  Panthers -3.5  Jets +2.5 Colts -3.5  Titans +3.5
Game 2 Eagles -2.5  Lions +3.5  Chargers +2.5 Bucs +6.5  Eagles -2.5
Game 3 Bills +2.5  Bills +2.5  Bengals +2.5 Bills +2.5  Texans -6.5
Game 4  Saints +3.5  Steelers -1.5  Panthers -3.5 Cardinals -6.5  Steelers -1.5
Game 5  Seahawks -14.5  Seahawks -14.5 Rams +1.5  Packers -6.5
Do You Know Sports Guy The Joker Bear Jonuts


Keith Rice

Game 1 Jets +2.5 Chargers +2.5 Eagles -2.5 Colts -3.5
Game 2 Bengals +2.5 Ravens -2.5 Bucs +6.5 Ravens -2.5
Game 3 Steelers -1.5 Steelers -1.5 Raiders +3.5 Cardinals -6.5
Game 4 Broncos -3.5 Broncos -3.5 Saints +3.5 Bears +14.5
Game 5 Bills +2.5 Seahawks -14.5

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