When the Saints Come Marching In – DYKS week 8

Our guest this week in the “Do You Know Sports” picks league (DYKS pronounced DICKS) is Steve “Gonz” Gonzales the lefty quarterback that transitioned to the offensive line after a shoulder injury. No need to double take or re-read that last sentence he was quarterback for the Willimantic flag football team and lineman need to be athletic and have the ability to catch passes. Gonz has also coached baseball and softball at the local area high schools in Eastern Connecticut for almost 3 decades. He also might be one of the few St. Louis Rams, soon to be Los Angeles Rams fans in Connecticut. Ray Kandolin posted a great week going 3-1 to help the guests climb 3rd place. Gonz and his expert football handicapping will try to push the guests into the top spot ahead of “the Joker” and “Greenwell39” that are currently tied for first.

The DYKS took it on the chin again last week with just “the Joker” at 3-2 and “AK47 at 4-1 having winning records. I made some improvement last week going 1-4 with just the Cardinals squeaking by the Ravens with a late interception to win by 8 covering the 7.5 point spread. The lucky recipient of the 0-5 collar went to “the Bear” this week and to add insult to injury he is a Cowboys fan that has had to watch Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassell the past 5 weeks.

The Giants had a big win last week by the quarterbackless Dallas Cowboys but the fans seem way too excited about the victory. The Cowboys are a hot mess right now, running back injury issues, no Tony Romo, no Dez Bryant and Greg Hardy is on the team, yet the game was tied 20-20 before Dwayne Harris bailed the G-Men out. The Cowboys are going to sign Hardy to an extension after most thought he might get suspended for a week for conduct on the sideline. That has to be a Jerry signing, sorry Cowboy fans bad enough your season went down in injury flames but now Jerry thinks he knows football again. The Giants now have to travel to New Orleans and face a suddenly hot Saints team that have won three of their last four. The Saints and Giants have faced each other three times since 2009 and these are the scores; 52-17 Giants in 2012, 49-24 Saints in 2011 and 48-27 in 2009. I would suggest betting the over this Sunday. The Giants defense has been doing a great job creating turnovers this season they just lack the ability to pressure the quarterback. The signing of JPP will hopefully help that issue or at least free up the other lineman to get after the quarterback. The Giants might lose this week but the NFC East is so bad they might sneak into the playoffs at 9-7.

I am giving everyone all my picks this week, not that you should use them, 10-18 the past two weeks. The podcast will be out Saturday morning and Joel 10-4 last week is hotter than a firecracker (sorry JPP) use his picks.

All the Spreads were based on Tuesday 10/27 lines

Dolphins +9.5 over the Patriots – The Patsies might be in eff you mode as the NFL put in their appeal for deflategate and had the audacity to compare the football scandal to the 1919 Black Sox scandal. Are you shitting me? What the hell is the NFL trying to distract us from with this outlandish allegation. Head injuries, abuse of women, some other awful scandal we have yet to catch wind of?

Lions +4.5 over the Chiefs – Don’t bet this game. Seriously if you bet this game you might have a problem.

Rams -7.5 over the 49ers – Rams pressure Kaepernick and the 49ers don’t score. 13-0 Rams.

Falcons -7.5 over the Bucs – The Falcons screwed most of America last week not covering against the Titans. Why didn’t they review the Julio Jones non-touchdown at the goal line in the 4th quarter. I’m not bitter, eff off you dirty birds.

Saints -3.5 over the Giants – I never pick against the Giants but I have a bad feeling about this game. Yes I am trying to reverse jinx to get the win.

Chargers +3.5 over the Ravens – The Chargers have talent but unfortunately have to play 16 away games this season. No home field advantage in the last season in San Diego. This one will be close so take the points.

Bengals -0.5 over the Steelers – Big Ben is back but the Bengals might be for real.

Texans +3.5 over the Titans – see the same note from the Lions and Chiefs games.

Cardinals -5.5 over the Browns – I am giving the Cardinals one last chance on the road to cover the spread. The Browns are just poorly run and picked the worst possible time for a quarterback change. They have Johnny football practicing and taking all the reps this week but he might get suspended and not play.

Vikings -2.5 over the Bears – The Bears at home, coming off a bye and John Fox will have them prepared. I am just taking the more talented team and hoping for the best. Vikes are 5-1 against the spread.

Jets -1.5 over the Raiders – I am not getting sucked into the Raiders short home dog trap in this game. The Raiders beat the hapless Browns and then were favored against the Bears earlier this year and lost outright. The looked great against the Chargers who have the anti-home field advantage. It’s Halloween but you are not tricking me Raiders.

Seahags -6.5 over the Cowboys – I am pretty sure either Matt Cassell or Brandon Weeden will be the quarterback this week. I am taking all the Cowboy opponents until Arts and Craftsy Tony Romo is back under center.

Packers -2.5 over the Broncos – The Packers face a 6-0 team this week and next week will face the Panthers who will also be undefeated. The Packers will win this week and next week covering the spread in both games. The world will anoint them the Super Bowl opponent for the Patriots after the victory over the Panthers but just remember the suck ass in the playoffs and will lose to the Giants at home.

Panthers -7.5 over the Colts – The only hope the Colts have is that the Panthers are looking past them to next week’s match up with the Packers.

Good Luck with all your Week 8 NFL picks. Bracket Brother Dan I did a preview of the next Bracket madness Tournament and it’s about Christmas, shocker.

Week 8 Picks

Do You Know Sports Guy The Worm AK47 East Coast Bronco MJ Madness Greenwell 39
Game 1 Packers -2.5 Packers -2.5 Dolphins +9.5 Giants +3.5 Saints -3.5
Game 2 Cardinals -5.5 Raiders +1.5 Rams -7.5 Jets -1.5 Lions +4.5
Game 3 Chargers +3.5 Steelers +0.5 Steelers +0.5 Steelers +0.5 Cardinals -5.5
Game 4 Falcons -3.5 Vikings -2.5 Ravens -3.5 Ravens -3.5 Rams -7.5
Game 5 Rams -7.5 Texans +3.5 Texans +3.5 Seahawks -6.5 Titans -3.5
Do You Know Sports Guy The Joker Bear Jonuts Guest “Gonz”
Game 1 Packers -2.5 Patriots -9.5 Dolphins +9.5 Packers -2.5
Game 2 Vikings -2.5 Saints -3.5 Giants +3.5 Cardinals -5.5
Game 3 Jets -1.5 Falcons -7.5 Texans +3.5 Jets -1.5
Game 4 Giants +3.5 Chiefs -4.5 Chargers +3.5 Falcons -7.5
Game 5 Seahawks -6.5 Rams -7.5 Seahawks -6.5

League of DYKS Standings

Last Week Name W L Ovr W Pct.
3-2 The Joker 21 14 0.600
2-3 Greenwell 39 21 14 0.600
3-1 Guest 17 14 0.548
2-3 East Coast Bronco 17 16 0.515
4-1 AK47 17 17 0.500
1-3 Jonuts 12 13 0.480
2-3 MJ Madness 16 19 0.457
1-4 The Worm 15 18 0.455
0-5 Bear 14 21 0.400

Guest Standings – Top 4 qualify for week 17 playoff

Week Guest Records W L Ovr W Pct.
2 Steve Cervizzi Jr. 4 1 0.800
5 Jay Fitts 3 1 0.750
7 Ray Kandolin 3 1 0.750
4 Jim Cardin/Wayne Turner 2 2 0.500
1 Ray Elliott 2 3 0.400
6 Buck Spruell 2 3 0.400
3 Keith Rice 1 3 0.250

Week 7 Results

Do You Know Sports Guy The Worm AK47 East Coast Bronco MJ Madness Greenwell 39
Game 1 Bills -3.5 Jaguars +3.5 Rams -4.5 Bills -3.5 Jaguars +3.5
Game 2 Cardinals -7.5 Cardinals -7.5 Eagles +7.5 Chiefs +2.5 Steelers -2.5
Game 3 Eagles +7.5 Radiers +4.5 Falcons -3.5 Falcons -3.5 Lions +2.5
Game 4 Patriots -9.5 Jets +9.5 Niners +5.5 Jets +9.5 Raiders +4.5
Game 5 Falcons -3.5 Falcons -3.5 Cardinals -7.5 Eagles +7.5 Browns +4.5
Do You Know Sports Guy The Joker Bear Jonuts Guest – Ray K “man of steel”
Game 1 Sehawks -5.5 Chargers -4.5 Lions +2.5 Vikings -2.5
Game 2 Steelers -2.5 Eagles +7.5 Bucs +3.5 Falcons -3.5
Game 3 Vikings -2.5 Bills -3.5 Eagles +7.5 Dolphins -4.5
Game 4 Falcons -3.5 Steelers -2.5 Chargers -4.5 Bucs +3.5
Game 5 Giants -4.5 Falcons -3.5

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