Xmas Hero’s and Villain’s edition of NFL Picks – DYKS Week 10

Our guest this week in the “Do You Know Sports” picks league (DYKS pronounced DICKS) is Steve Cervizzi Sr. a life long New England Patriots and New York Yankees fan. He is basically the “Bizarro” fan of myself a New York Giants and Boston Red Sox fan. Steve will try to help the guest spot recover after “Iron Mike” Pehowdy went 0 for 5. He also has the added pressure of his son Steve Jr. recording the best record by a guest going 4-1 in week 2. Steve made a cameo appearance in my second book Fourth and Dead as “Uncle Steve” Cervizzi a sports journalist that had podcast giving great football picks to help hero William Russell win his football pool at work. The real Steve Cervizzi is going with all home team winners this week with “healthy” point spreads. Steve must be using the big college point spread technique he used effectively in the 70’s when he was picking Oklahoma -35 points to win versus Eastern Nebraska College of the Blind. We will know by late Monday night which Steve, junior or senior is the NFL expert.

That pressure Steve feels will not be as much as his beloved New England Patriots and Tom Brady will face with Jason Pierre-Paul and the Giants defense. That might be a stretch but the Giants defense did look better against Tampa Bay last week with JPP but after the Saints game how could the defense not look better. The Giants might need to rely on the offense and luckily the Patriots have not exactly faced an outstanding quarterback this season except for an injured Andrew Luck and the struggling Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots did blow out that Colts team….oh wait they didn’t, it was a close 34-27 game and the Colts did that whole screwy fake punk, illegal formation thingy. The game will be a preview of Super Bowl 50 remember every four years the Giants and Patriots play in the final game of the season. Fo! Fo! Fo!

The League of DYKS for the 7th week in a row has James “Greenwell39” at the top of the standings. The best record for week 9 went to AK47 as he went 4-1. AK47 is making a run towards the top the past 3 weeks going 11-4 and is now in 3rd place.

The Picks: Last Week 5-8, overall 64-68. “The Joker” last week 4-9, overall 65-67. You can hear all “the Joker” picks on the Jeffrey Belanger Podcast.

The Bracket Brothers Christmas edition Bracket Madness Tournament begins on Monday with Christmas Hero’s versus Christmas Villain’s. In honor of the this upcoming bracket every game will have a Christmas Hero or Villain theme.

Bills +2.5 over the Jets – Rex Ryan the Cousin Eddie of NFL coaches returns to Jets stadium and his defense will play havoc with the Jets. Cousin Eddie makes an appearance Monday when he faces of versus Clark Griswold in the #1 vs. #16 match up.

Packers -11.5 over the Lions – Aaron Rodgers the Buddy the Elf of NFL quarterbacks tells everyone to relax as the Packers blow out the Lions.

Buccaneers -1.5 over the Cowboys – The Bucs are like Claire Phillips in Scrooged trying to convince the Evil Cowboys like Frank Cross to turn to the good side and stop employing criminals. Bad Karma Cowboys lose their seventh straight.

Panthers -5.5 over the Titans – Scott Calvin from the Santa Claus, is he good or is he bad? That’s what I am trying to figure out with the Panthers. I think they are good but the spread seems suspiciously low which makes me think Vegas knows something. The last time I had this feeling the Falcons lost to the Saints in a shocker and have not been the same since.

Bears +7.5 over the Rams – The Bears are Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) from Jingle All the Way. A fun lovable guy that seems to screw up everything at the worst possible moment. The story ends happily though just like Jingle All the Way with a Bears cover.

Saints -1.5 over the Skins – The Saints are like Stripe from Gremlins. One week they are a lovable scoring machine and the next week they are some evil little Gremlin. Saints were evil last week so this week should be better.

Eagles -6.5 over the Dolphins – The Eagles and Chip Kelly  are Hans Gruber from Die Hard. Good old Hans always one  step ahead of the competition just like Chip. Hans had a steep fall from the 30th floor and so will Chip, just not this week.

Browns +4.5 over the Steelers – The Browns ownership is like Lucy and the team and the fans are poor Charlie Brown. The Browns will try to tie the game with a late field goal and the holder pulls a Lucy. The Browns lose another game in unbelievable fashion. The good news is they cover the spread.

Jaguars +6.5 over the Ravens – The Jags are your goofy lovable loser just like Ernest from Ernest saves Christmas. The Jags find a way to lose like they did last week against the Jets, but cover against the Ravens who always play close games.

Vikings +3.5 over the Raiders –  The Vikes are Jack Frost. Who the hell wants to play them outside in December. The G-Men will have a big game there on December 27th. I hope a warm front comes through not sure I like the Giants running game carrying the team in that spot. Eli has come up big in the cold weather before, sorry had to rub it in Packer fans.

Chiefs +6.5 over the Broncos – The ghost of Christmas past match up. The Broncos are hoping they will get the ghost of Peyton Manning past with three touchdowns and 400 yards passing. The Chiefs just want to be able to rewind the clock with the ghost of Christmas past when Andy Reid screws up time management at the end of the half or game for the 264th time in his career.

Giants +7.5 over the Patriots – The Giants are Ralphie. A good kid but they have a tendency to shoot their eye out. Patriots fans take heed, Raplhie kicked the shit out of the big playground bully. I would rather wait until Super Bowl 50 for that fight.

Cardinals +3.5 over the Seahawks –  The Cardinals are the Wet Bandits from the Home Alone movie, Harry Lime and Marv Merchants. The always seem to get multiple injuries. I hope I didn’t jinx Carson Palmer.

Bengals -10.5 over the Texans – The Bengals have been a pretty darn good and steady regular season team that always makes the playoff’s. They are the Mike Brady of the NFL, steady, reliable and a boring architect. Have a Very Brady Christmas Cincinnati.

Best of Luck in Week 10 of the NFL.

Week 10 Picks

Do You Know Sports Guy The Worm AK47 East Coast Bronco MJ Madness Greenwell 39
Game 1 Bills +2.5  Jaguars +6.5 Ravens -6.5 Bears +7.5 Panthers -5.5
Game 2 Bucs -1.5  Cowboys +1.5 Giants +7.5 Browns +4.5 Patriots -7.5
Game 3 Bears +7.5  Panthers -5.5 Rams -7.5 Jaguars +6.5 Jaguars +6.5
Game 4 Saints -1.5  Vikings +3.5 Bucs -1.5 Vikings +3.5 Saints -1.5
Game 5 Chiefs +6.5  Saints -1.5 Seahawks -3.5 Cardinals +3.5 Cardinals +3.5
Do You Know Sports Guy The Joker Bear Jonuts Guest – Steve Cervizzi Sr.
Game 1 Saints -1.5 Packers -11.5 Saints -1.5 Packers -11.5
Game 2 Giants +7.5 Patriots -7.5 Giants +7.5 Rams -7.5
Game 3 Steelers Broncos -6.5 Jaguars +6.6 Broncos -6.5
Game 4 Rams -7.5 Eagles -6.5 Eagles -6.5 Eagles -6.5
Game 5 Jaguars +6.5 Bengals -10.5 Seahawks -3.5 Bengals -10.5

League of DYKS Standings

Last Week Name W L Ovr W Pct.
3-2 Greenwell 39 26 19 0.578
2-3 The Joker 25 20 0.556
4-1 AK47 24 20 0.545
2-2 Jonuts 17 16 0.515
3-2 East Coast Bronco 22 21 0.512
1-4 The Worm 19 24 0.442
0-5 Guest 18 23 0.439
2-3 MJ Madness 19 26 0.422
1-4 Bear 18 27 0.400

Guest Standings – Top 4 qualify for week 17 playoff

Week Guest Records W L Ovr W Pct.
2 Steve Cervizzi Jr. 4 1 0.800
5 Jay Fitts 3 1 0.750
7 Ray Kandolin 3 1 0.750
4 Jim Cardin/Wayne Turner 2 2 0.500
1 Ray Elliott 2 3 0.400
6 Buck Spruell 2 3 0.400
3 Keith Rice 1 3 0.250
8 Steve Gonzales 1 4 0.200
9 Mike Pehowdy 0 5 0.000

Week 9 Results

Do You Know Sports Guy The Worm AK47 East Coast Bronco MJ Madness Greenwell 39
Game 1 Rams +2.5 Bengals -10.5 Falcons -4.5 Rams +2.5 Bears +4.5
Game 2 Saints -8.5 Vikings -2.5 Jets -2.5 Jets -2.5 Jaguars +2.5
Game 3 Giants -2.5 Jets -2.5 Eagles -2.5 Giants -2.5 Falcons -4.5
Game 4 Steelers -4.5 Broncos -3.5 Broncos -3.5 Broncos -3.5 Raiders +4.5
Game 5 Skins +14.5 Panthers +2.5 Bears +4.5 Skins +14.5 Patriots -14.5
Do You Know Sports Guy The Joker Bear Jonuts Guest Iron Mike Pehowdy
Game 1 Falcons -4.5 Steelers -4.5 Skins +14.5 Saints -8.5
Game 2 Giants +2.5 Jets -2.5 49ers +4.5 Falcons -4.5
Game 3 Packers -2.5 Packers -2.5 Colts +3.5 Packers -2.5
Game 4 Eagles -2.5 Broncos -3.5 Cowboys +2.5 Broncos -3.5
Game 5 Broncos -3.5 Chargers -4.5 Cowboys +2.5

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