Episode 7 Jeffrey Belanger Podcast – Christmas Bracket Madness

Bracket Brother Jeff and Dan preview the first week of match ups in the Christmas Hero’s versus Villain’s Bracket Madness Tournament. They also discuss replacing Turkey at the Thanksgiving and Christmas meal, the Pumpkin Pie Bowl and the upcoming High School Basketball season in Connecticut.

An added bonus is the first installment of “Story Time with Coach Belanger”. A first time experience for coach Belanger thanks to one of his children.

The Christmas Bracket Madness Tournament for 2015 Begins!!!!

The Santa’s Family and Hero’s Bracket

#1 Clark Griswold (Christmas Vacation) vs. #16 Cousin Eddie (Christmas Vacation)

#8 Bob and Betty (White Christmas) vs. #9 Tia Hall and Kelly Finch (Deck the Halls)

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