The Giants and the 4th Quarter – DYKS Week 11 NFL Picks

Our guest this week in the “Do You Know Sports” picks league (DYKS pronounced DICKS) is Brian Bisson the “Bissonator” an Oakland Raiders fan from the days of Bo Jackson. Brian in his early years of retail sold many Bo Jackson sneakers and probably still has some “Bo Knows” memorabilia in his attic. Brian has been out of the retail shoe game for many years just like his Raiders have been out of the playoff’s for many, many years. Brian now spends his time rubbing elbows with some of the big hitters in the political realm but what we really need to know is if “Brian Knows” his football picks. The guests are on a bit of a tailspin the past couple weeks going 0-10 and he looks to right the ship.

Speaking of righting a ship, the Giants are a ship that is spinning and taking on water but yet still are afloat. Thank goodness the G-Men are in the NFC Least or they would be in trouble. Instead they are in first place.

Here we go, big Game between the Giants and Patriots. The fourth quarter went just like many others this season for the G-Men. My Buddy NY Fan was at the game so of course we had an email exchange as the game progressed or regressed depending on what team you follow.

About two minutes left in the first half tie game.

JB: Nothing stupid on this drive go into half at least tied

The Giants Score on an Eli Manning pass to  Dwayne Harris. Things are looking great. Good Eli showed up and we scored before half leaving little time on the clock. The Giants seemingly have figured out that whole time management thing.

NY Fan: It’s a game!

Halftime over and Julian Edleman will not return. The Patriots injury list just gets deeper.

JB: Score on this opening possession would be helpful

Eli just misses Cunningham over the middle for a touchdown. G-Men settle for a field goal.

NY Fan: Eli has to make that throw.

JB: Got points at least. Looked like Cunningham should of run through the ball on replay to make the catch.
The Giants are exposing the middle seam of the Pats. See if Belichick makes adjustment.

NY Fan: Pats will adjust (the Pats adjusted of the Giants went away from the seam plays)

Julian Edelman Danny Amendola with a huge punt return. He should of scored but was tackled by his teammate. Next man up time for the Patriots with all the injuries. Looks like Danny Amendola will be the work horse receiver opposite Gronk now.

NY Fan: The return sure changed things – need to respond

JB: Herzlich was clipped on the return no flag. Simms said it during the return. Replayed confirmed and he wussed out and said questionable if it was a clip/chop block.

NY Fan: Phil has lost it. 4th quarter with the lead.

The Giants get a turnover but get no points when Eli is sacked and are pushed out of field goal range. Tom Brady of course follows with a bomb to Gronk to give the Pats the lead.

JB: Didn’t cash in at least 3 points on the turnover and then big play to Gronk.
I hate the 4th quarter.
Lot of time. I am concerned about Eli and his dancing feet in the second half. He has gotten away from getting rid of the ball quick like he did in the first half.

NY Fan: He’s dancing because Richburg and Pugh are out

JB: Butler has owned Odel this game

Patriots marching down the field looking to seal the game.

NY Fan: could come crashing down right now

Back up corner Trumaine McBride intercepts Tom Terrific on the Goal Line.

JB: Wooiooooooiooo!! (I got excited and tapped a couple i’s in my woo!)

NY Fan: Ton of Fights (apparently there was hard hitting in the stands as well as on the field)

Giants begin a long drive from inside their own 10 yardline.

JB: LEAVE NO TIME!!!!!  I hope Coughlin has been playing Madden to practice time management.

NY Fan: Will they let them score? Run!! (NY Fan wondering if Belichick will let the Giants score to give Tom Terrific more time potentially tie the game.)

Jim Nantz actually said out loud during the broadcast “Will the Giants try to score” insinuating the Giants will sit on the ball and kick a field goal. I guess Jim didn’t watch game one against the Cowboys.

JB:  Pats still have one time out. Pats are looking for a stop and a Brady drive and field goal to win. Need a TD here go for the throat!

The Pats get a stop and use their last timeout. Now it is 3rd and goal for the Giants. The Giants rolled out to pass and Eli slid before going out of bounds forcing the Patriots to use their last time out.

JB: Why the f— would you roll out. Pats only had to cover 1/2 the field. F—ing stupid!!!

Giants have to settle for a field goal and leave a ton of time for the Patriots to drive for a game winning field goal.

The Giants drop an interception as Tom Terrific just threw a duck into centerfield. Of course the Pats convert and march into field goal range.

NY Fan: All on the D

NY Fan: Going to Lose

The Pats his a 54 yard field goal that would of been good from 70 yards for the win.

JB: We will win the one that counts in February

My Picks for Week 11

Jaguars +3.5 over the Titans

Skins +7.5 over the Panthers

Cowboys +0.5 over the Dolphins

Colts +6.5 over the Falcons

Rams +2.5 over the Ravens

Bucs +5.5 over the Eagles

Broncos +2.5 over the Bears

Texans +2.5 over the Jets

Lions +1.5 over the Raiders

Chiefs -3.5 over the Chargers

Green Bay +0.5 over the Vikings

Seahawks -12.5 over the 49ers

Cardinals -3.5 over the Bengals

Patriots -7.5 over the Bills

The League of DYKS for the 8th week in a row has James “Greenwell39” at the top of the standings. The best record for week 9 went to Bracket Brother Dan and myself, that’s right I’mmmmmm Backkkkk as the Bracket Brothers both went 4-1. Only the damn Saints prevented me from the perfecto. AK47 continues to make a run towards the top, 3-2 last week and 14-6 the past 4 weeks.

The Picks: Last Week 9-5, overall 73-73. “The Joker” last week 8-6, overall 73-73. You can hear all “the Joker” picks on the Jeffrey Belanger Podcast.

Week 11 Picks

Do You Know Sports Guy The Worm AK47 East Coast Bronco MJ Madness Greenwell 39
Game 1 Jaguars -3.5 Cowboys +0.5 Cowboys +0.5 Skins +7.5 Panthers +7.5
Game 2 Colts +6.5 Bills +7.5 Bucs +5.5 Cowboys +0.5 Bucs +5.5
Game 3 Broncos +2.5 Vikings -0.5 Broncos +2.5 Colts +6.5 Bears -2,5
Game 4 Chiefs -3.5 Chargers +3.5 Lions +1.5 Rams +2.5 Raiders -1.5
Game 5 Packers +0.5 Seahawks -12.5 Rams +2.5 Bears -2.5 Chiefs -3.5
Do You Know Sports Guy The Joker Bear Jonuts Guest – “Bissonator”
Game 1 Rams +2.5 Lions +1.5 Jaguars -3.5 Falcons -6.5
Game 2 Jets -2.5 Falcons -6.5 Skins +7.5 Panthers -7.5
Game 3 Raiders -1.5 Cowboys +0.5 Packers +0.5 Patriots -7.5
Game 4 Chiefs -3.5 Packers +0.5 Lions +1.5 Seahawks -12.5
Game 5 Patriots -7.5 Patriots -7.5 Cardinals -3.5 Cardinals -3.5

League of DYKS Standings

Last Week Name W L Ovr W Pct.
3-2 Greenwell 39 29 21 0.580
3-2 The Joker 28 22 0.560
3-2 AK47 27 22 0.551
2-3 Jonuts 19 19 0.500
2-3 East Coast Bronco 24 24 0.500
4-1 The Worm 23 25 0.479
4-1 MJ Madness 23 27 0.460
0-5 Guest 18 28 0.391
0-5 Bear 18 32 0.360

Guest Standings – Top 4 qualify for week 17 playoff

Week Guest Records W L Ovr W Pct.
2 Steve Cervizzi Jr. 4 1 0.800
5 Jay Fitts 3 1 0.750
7 Ray Kandolin 3 1 0.750
4 Jim Cardin/Wayne Turner 2 2 0.500
1 Ray Elliott 2 3 0.400
6 Buck Spruell 2 3 0.400
3 Keith Rice 1 3 0.250
8 Steve Gonzales 1 4 0.200
9 Mike Pehowdy 0 5 0.000
10 Steve Cervizzi Sr. 0 5 0.000

Week 10 Results

Do You Know Sports Guy The Worm AK47 East Coast Bronco MJ Madness Greenwell 39
Game 1 Bills +2.5 Panthers -5.5 Ravens -6.5 Bears +7.5 Panthers -5.5
Game 2 Bucs -1.5 Cowboys +1.5 Giants +7.5 Browns +4.5 Patriots -7.5
Game 3 Bears +7.5 Jaguars +6.5 Rams -7.5 Jaguars +6.5 Jaguars +6.5
Game 4 Saints -1.5 Vikings +3.5 Bucs -1.5 Vikings +3.5 Saints -1.5
Game 5 Chiefs +6.5 Saints -1.5 Seahawks -3.5 Cardinals +3.5 Cardinals +3.5
Do You Know Sports Guy The Joker Bear Jonuts Guest – Steve Cervizzi Sr.
Game 1 Saints -1.5 Packers -11.5 Saints -1.5 Packers -11.5
Game 2 Giants +7.5 Patriots -7.5 Giants +7.5 Rams -7.5
Game 3 Steelers -4.5 Broncos -6.5 Jaguars +6.6 Broncos -6.5
Game 4 Rams -7.5 Eagles -6.5 Eagles -6.5 Eagles -6.5
Game 5 Jaguars +6.5 Bengals -10.5 Seahawks -3.5 Bengals -10.5

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