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Our guest this week in the “Do You Know Sports” picks league (DYKS pronounced DICKS) is Paul “NY Fan” Vallone. One of the biggest Giants fans I have met and hooked me up with tickets to my first regular season game years ago. The Giants didn’t do so well in that game losing to the Redskins as a blizzard rolled through the Northeast. Big Blue did go on to make the playoff’s, win three games on the road and knock off the undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl. The New York Giants season ticket holder gets the honor of picking three Thanksgiving Day games and 3-5 games on Sunday/Monday. “NY Fan” has a great chance to help the guest spot dig themselves out of a hole from their rough stretch and put himself in position to get in the top 4 and qualify for the guest playoff round.

The Giants just happen to be playing the Redskins this week in a big game. A Giant win combined with some Turkey day losses by the Cowboys and Eagles and Big Blue will have a two game lead in the loss column. A loss to the Skins and Eagles and Cowboy victories and the NFC Least will have a three way tie for first and the Cowboys sitting only a game back in the loss column.

The Thanksgiving games this week are important for the Giants with the Eagles playing at 12:30 and the Cowboys at 4:30. This made me think of the Thanksgiving Day menu of games on Thursday and how the NFL games this week would compare to the actual Thanksgiving Day menu.

Thursday – Bold Underline = pick

Eagles +0.5 at Lions – The Eagles and Lions both have talent but have been very sloppy to say the least this year. They are the green bean casserole the dish ingredients are pretty good but it resembles a sloppy mess.

Panthers -1.5 at Cowboys – The cornbread of our meal. A solid dish you know what you are going to get just like both teams. The quarterbacks on both teams have the potential to spice things up on occasion just like those times when some fool adds jalapeño to the cornbread.

Bears at Packers -9.5 – The Pumpkin Pie game. A staple of the Thanksgiving Day desert table just like this rivalry is a staple to the NFL.

Sunday at 1:00

Vikings +2.5 at Falcons – This game is not the Turkey but it has the potential to be a preview of a possible playoff match up. We can call this the gravy on our table.

Bills +4.5 at Chiefs – A few weeks ago this game would of been ambrosia of our table, not knowing what the hell these teams would bring to the table. What is ambrosia? Fruit salad? Whip cream? Pudding? Luckily both the Bills and Chiefs have been playing better so ambrosia is off the table and we have a sweet match up. We will call this game are Yams and Marshmallow dish.

Saints at Texans -3.5 – Technically both these teams are still alive for the playoff’s. There play has not been great but both teams have an impact player in Drew Brees and JJ Watt. They are the cranberry sauce of games, the lumpy messy all over the place cranberry sauce.

Rams at Bengals -9.5 – The stuffing on our table. You could get awesome stuffing with sausage or quahog (the Bengals) or you could get the plain Stoffers plain stuffing that does nothing for you. I am not pleased with the Rams one of my few losses last week.

Bucs +3.5 at Colts – The beginning of the year these two teams struggled but as of late they have been finding ways to win. The mashed Potatoes on our table a surprisingly solid item on our table.

Dolphins +3.5 at Jets – The deviled eggs appetizer for our meal. They look good initially but at the end of the day they stink.

Chargers +4.5 at Jaguars – The peas on the table. The Chargers and Jags really don’t do much for anybody just like peas they just waste space on your plate. Leave room for better food and better games.

Raiders at Titans +2.5 – This one might surprise some but this is the biscuits or dinner rolls on the table. Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota are both fun to watch but just like those bread products don’t fill up on those two there are much better options on the table.

Giants -2.5 at Redskins – The pecan pie of our game menu. A great desert but sometimes those nuts are tough to swallow and a few people might even be allergic to this great dessert. The play of Kirk Cousins is tough to swallow at times and the Giants in the fourth quarter is really tough to swallow.

Sunday 4:00

Cardinals -10.5 at 49ers – The apple pie game. The Cardinals are great just like apple pie and sometimes are so sweet you get the ala mode with the vanilla ice cream. The 49ers are just like those weirdo’s that melt a slice of cheese on their apple pie.

Steelers +4.5 at Seahawks – The best game of the weekend and our Turkey on the table. These teams are fighting for a wild card berth and try to get some momentum as the regular season comes to an end.

Sunday Night 8:30

Patriots -3.5 at Broncos – A couple weeks ago this would of been our Turkey game but what a difference two weeks make. The Broncos are reeling, Peyton is injured or benched and the Pats have no challenges left until the playoff’s. Now this game has been downgraded to squash.

Monday Night

Ravens +2.5 at Browns – These teams both stink. There is nothing of value in either of these teams just like corn. You eat corn and then the next time you go the bathroom, you look in the toilet and there’s the just as it was when it entered your body. Simply no value in this game or food at all.

Something of value has been my NFL pick. A big 5-0 last week and 9-1 the past two weeks in the league of DYKS  I am back picking strong and putting the pressure on “Greenwell 39”. Nine straight weeks in first places for “Greenwell 39” has been impressive but he better have his A game down the stretch to maintain that top spot.

The Picks: Last Week 10-4, overall 83-77. “The Joker” last week 7-7, overall 80-80. You can hear all “the Joker” picks on the Jeffrey Belanger Podcast.

Week 12 Picks

Thanksgiving Day Games

Do You Know Sports Guy The Worm AK47 East Coast Bronco MJ Madness Greenwell 39
T-Day 1 Eagles +0.5 Lions -0.5 Lions -0.5 Lions -0.5 Lions -0.5
T-Day 2 Panthers -1.5 Cowboys +1.5 Cowboys +1.5 Panthers +1.5 Panthers -1.5
T-Day 3 Packers -9.5 Packers -9.5 Bears +9.5 Bears +9.5 Packers -9.5
Do You Know Sports Guy The Joker Bear Jonuts Guest – Paul “NY Fan” Vallone
T-Day 1 Eagles +0.5 Lions -0.5 Lions -0.5 Lions -0.5
T-Day 2 Panthers -1.5 Cowboys +1.5 Panthers -1.5 Panthers -1.5
T-Day 3 Packers 9.5 Packers -9.5 Packers – 9.5 Packers -9.5

Sunday/Monday Games

Do You Know Sports Guy The Worm AK47 East Coast Bronco MJ Madness Greenwell 39
Game 1 Vikings +2.5 Bills 4.5 Rams +9.5 Vikings +2.5 Vikings +2.5
Game 2 Bills +4.5 Jets -3.5 Steelers +4.5 Jets -3.5 Jaguars -4.5
Game 3 Giants -2.5 Giants -2.5 Chiefs -4.5 Giants -2.5 Raiders -2.5
Game 4 Steelers +4.5 Steelers +4.5 Bucs +3.5 Raiders -2.5 Steelers +4.5
Game 5 Patriots -3.5 Chargers +4.5 Raiders -2.5 Browns -2.5
Do You Know Sports Guy The Joker Bear Jonuts Guest – Paul “NY Fan” Vallone
Game 1 Giants +2.5 Giants +2.5 49ers +10.5 Bills +4.5
Game 2 Steelers +4.5 Bengals -9.5 Broncos +3.5 Chargers +4.5
Game 3 Bucs +3.5 Cardinals -10.5 Seahawks -4.5 Vikings +2.5
Game 4 Raiders -2.5 Raiders -2.5 Raiders -2.5 Bucs +3.5
Game 5 Patriots -3.5 Jets -3.5 Giants -2.5

League of DYKS Standings

Last Week Name W L Ovr W Pct.
3-2 Greenwell 39 32 23 0.582
3-2 AK47 30 24 0.556
4-1 East Coast Bronco 28 25 0.528
5-0 The Worm 28 25 0.528
1-4 The Joker 29 26 0.527
3-2 Jonuts 22 21 0.512
2-3 MJ Madness 25 30 0.455
2-3 Guest 20 31 0.392
3-2 Bear 21 34 0.382

Guest Standings – Top 4 qualify for week 17 playoff

Week Guest Records W L Ovr W Pct.
2 Steve Cervizzi Jr. 4 1 0.800
5 Jay Fitts 3 1 0.750
7 Ray Kandolin 3 1 0.750
4 Jim Cardin/Wayne Turner 2 2 0.500
1 Ray Elliott 2 3 0.400
6 Buck Spruell 2 3 0.400
11 Brian Bisson 2 3 0.400
3 Keith Rice 1 3 0.250
8 Steve Gonzales 1 4 0.200
9 Mike Pehowdy 0 5 0.000
10 Steve Cervizzi Sr. 0 5 0.000

Week 11 Results

Do You Know Sports Guy The Worm AK47 East Coast Bronco MJ Madness Greenwell 39
Game 1 Jaguars -3.5 Cowboys +0.5 Cowboys +0.5 Skins +7.5 Panthers +7.5
Game 2 Colts +6.5 Bills +7.5 Bucs +5.5 Cowboys +0.5 Bucs +5.5
Game 3 Broncos +2.5 Vikings -0.5 Broncos +2.5 Colts +6.5 Bears -2,5
Game 4 Chiefs -3.5 Chargers +3.5 Lions +1.5 Rams +2.5 Raiders -1.5
Game 5 Packers +0.5 Seahawks -12.5 Rams +2.5 Bears -2.5 Chiefs -3.5
Do You Know Sports Guy The Joker Bear Jonuts Guest – “Bissonator”
Game 1 Rams +2.5 Lions +1.5 Jaguars -3.5 Falcons -6.5
Game 2 Jets -2.5 Falcons -6.5 Skins +7.5 Panthers -7.5
Game 3 Raiders -1.5 Cowboys +0.5 Packers +0.5 Patriots -7.5
Game 4 Chiefs -3.5 Packers +0.5 Lions +1.5 Seahawks -12.5
Game 5 Patriots -7.5 Patriots -7.5 Cardinals -3.5 Cardinals -3.5
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