The Price is Right – DYKS Week 13 NFL Picks

Our guest this week in the “Do You Know Sports” picks league (DYKS pronounced DICKS) is John “Johnny B” Bolduc the Outdoor Sports guru of Physical Education, Family Fitness Promoter and Head Coach of the Pirates. John’s lovely wife Michelle is a Beach Body coach and provides people (myself included) with great deals on beach body products including videos and nutritional products. She also periodically will run a fitness group to help motivate and guide those interested in living a healthier lifestyle. John sat behind me in every class in junior high and we figured out at an early age two heads are better than one and would team up to finish all our school work to have more time to play sports. We ended up parting ways and attended rival high schools but still remained close, teamed up again in college with all those school work and other obligations and now coach basketball at our alma maters. Our rivalry extends beyond high school hoops (starts Saturday in Connecticut) Johnny B is a fan of the Yankees, Knicks and Patriots and I root for the Red Sox, Celtics and Giants. Johnny takes a turn this week trying to outwit the “Do You Know Sports” guys and lead the guest spot out of the basement.

Last week Paul “NY Fan” Vallone went a very respectable 4-4 and tied himself for the fourth and final playoff spot for the guests. All he can do now is hope and wait that the rest of the guest pick as miserably as the NFC Least plays football.

Cousin James “Greenwell39” Buck is first place for the 10th straight week and makes a cameo appearance on this weeks podcast but Jerry “Jonuts” Jose closed the gap significantly with a 6-1 record. Jerry has played the season out very well despite his early struggles by only picking 3-4 games each week rather than the max games of five. Thanksgiving week with the potential to pick 8 games (3 Turkey Day games and 3-5 Sunday/Monday games) he cashed in going 2-1 on Thanksgiving and 4-0 on Sunday raising his winning percentage almost 50 points. Bracket Brother Dan also had a big week going 6-1 bringing his overall record to .500.

The football issues need to take a pause for the baseball news of the week, the Red Sox signing David Price to a seven year 200+ million dollar deal. The deal might only be a 3 year deal because the Sox put in an opt out clause. This is the moment I have been waiting for since John Henry bought the team, spend his money. I fully embrace the Red Sox spending all this money on pitching and welcome the Red Sox becoming the new evil empire that outspends everyone else.

The next signing for the Sox should be Zach Greinke. John Henry should put all his chips in at this point. I have a great idea to help raise funds to support not only the Greinke contract but possibly even enough to sign Hisashi Iwakuma as well. It would be enough to sign Johnny Cueto but I think Iwakuma is actually a more solid pitcher and would rather see him as the number three starter. (Buchholz will be hurt and only be the #3 starter for a couple months at most)

The Red Sox should run a reality show on NESN called “The Price is Right” starring David Price and David Ortiz. A camera crew following both players all season, a camera set up in the locker room at their adjoining lockers and a confessional they both must enter at least one time per week to talk candidly about themselves and hopefully each other to be aired after the season. The show could be narrated by Bob Barker and filming would be done in the style of HBO’s Hard Knocks.

The possibilities of this show are endless as both David’s have an opinion and are a reality show dream. The film of David Ortiz hitting a moon shot, pimping, bat flip and slow trot around the basses. The ire of the opponent is elevated over the stupid unwritten rule of showing up a pitcher but the bench clearing brawl doesn’t occur during Papi’s next at bat or even the next batter it occurs when Papi is giving high fives in the dugout as David Price goes all Jonathan Papelbon on his new teammate. The ratings for this show when this happens will be through the roof must see TV.

The Sox could reap the benefits of this much watch show all season. The confessional footage could be used in the off season as you replay each week of “The Price is Right” show after the Sox World Series victory over the National League version of the “Evil Empire”, Los Angeles Dodgers. The Fans could relive the great Red Sox season and get the unbiased opinion of both players because Big Papi is retiring at the end of the season and Papi and Price would never need to see each other again.

Go Sox! Go NESN!

The Picks: Last Week 6-10, overall 89-87. “The Joker” last week 6-10, overall 86-90. You can hear all “the Joker” picks on the Jeffrey Belanger Podcast.

This week’s picks.

Packers -3.5 over the Lions

Cardinals -5.5 over the Rams

Bengals -7.5 over the Browns

Seahawks +0.5 over the Vikings

Ravens +5.5 over the Dolphins

49ers +7.5 over the Bears

Falcons +2.5 over the Bucs

Giants +2.5 over the Jets

Titans -2.5 over the Jaguars

Texans +3.5 over the Bills

Panthers -7.5 over the Saints

Broncos -4.5 over the Chargers

Chiefs -3.5 over the Raiders

Patriots -13.5 over the Eagles

Colts +6.5 over the Steelers

Skins -4.5 over the Cowboys

Week 13 Picks

Do You Know Sports Guy The Worm AK47 East Coast Bronco MJ Madness Greenwell 39
Game 1 Bengals -7.5 Bengals -7.5 Saints +7.5 Seahawks +0.5 Steelers -6.5
Game 2 49ers +7.5 Cardinals -5.5 Giants +2.5 Giants +2.5 Bears -7.5
Game 3 Falcons +2.5 Falcons +2.5 Seahawks +0.5 Jaguars +2.5 Bucs -2.5
Game 4 Texans +3.5 Vikings -0.5 Ravens +5.5 Falcons +2.5 Skins -4.5
Game 5 Broncos 4.5 Jaguars +2.5 Texans +3.5 Raiders +3.5 Saints +7.5
Do You Know Sports Guy The Joker Bear Jonuts Guest “Johnny B”
Game 1 Packers -3.5 Patriots -13.5 Seahawks +0.5 Jags +2.5
Game 2 Seahawks -0.5 Jets -2.5 Giants +2.5 Jets -2.5
Game 3 Giants +2.5 Chiefs -3.5 Eagles +13.5 Cardinals -5.5
Game 4 Jaguars +2.5 Cowboys +4.5 Skins -4.5 Bengals -7.5
Game 5 Broncos -4.5 Red Sox -14 Panthers -7.5

League of DYKS Standings

Last Week Name W L Ovr W Pct.
4-4 Greenwell 39 36 27 0.571
6-1 Jonuts 28 22 0.560
4-4 AK47 34 28 0.548
4-4 East Coast Bronco 32 29 0.525
6-1 MJ Madness 31 31 0.500
2-6 The Joker 31 32 0.492
2-6 The Worm 30 31 0.492
5-3 Bear 26 37 0.413
4-4 Guest 24 35 0.407

Guest Standings – Top 4 (including ties) qualify for week 17 playoff

Week Guest Records W L Ovr W Pct.
2 Steve Cervizzi Jr. 4 1 0.800
5 Jay Fitts 3 1 0.750
7 Ray Kandolin 3 1 0.750
4 Jim Cardin/Wayne Turner 2 2 0.500
12 Paul Vallone 4 4 0.500
1 Ray Elliott 2 3 0.400
6 Buck Spruell 2 3 0.400
11 Brian Bisson 2 3 0.400
3 Keith Rice 1 3 0.250
8 Steve Gonzales 1 4 0.200
9 Mike Pehowdy 0 5 0.000
10 Steve Cervizzi Sr. 0 5 0.000

Week 12 Results

Do You Know Sports Guy The Worm AK47 East Coast Bronco MJ Madness Greenwell 39
T-Day 1 Eagles +0.5 Lions -0.5 Lions -0.5 Lions -0.5 Lions -0.5
T-Day 2 Panthers -1.5 Cowboys +1.5 Cowboys +1.5 Panthers +1.5 Panthers -1.5
T-Day 3 Packers -9.5 Packers -9.5 Bears +9.5 Bears +9.5 Packers -9.5
Game 1 Vikings +2.5 Bills 4.5 Rams +9.5 Vikings +2.5 Vikings +2.5
Game 2 Bills +4.5 Jets -3.5 Steelers +4.5 Jets -3.5 Jaguars -4.5
Game 3 Giants -2.5 Giants -2.5 Chiefs -4.5 Giants -2.5 Raiders -2.5
Game 4 Steelers +4.5 Steelers +4.5 Bucs +3.5 Raiders -2.5 Steelers +4.5
Game 5 Patriots -3.5 Chargers +4.5 Raiders -2.5 Browns -2.5
Do You Know Sports Guy The Joker Bear Jonuts Guest – Paul “NY Fan” Vallone
T-Day 1 Eagles +0.5 Lions -0.5 Lions -0.5 Lions -0.5
T-Day 2 Panthers -1.5 Cowboys +1.5 Panthers -1.5 Panthers -1.5
T-Day 3 Packers 9.5 Packers -9.5 Packers – 9.5 Packers -9.5
Game 1 Giants +2.5 Giants +2.5 49ers +10.5 Bills +4.5
Game 2 Steelers +4.5 Bengals -9.5 Broncos +3.5 Chargers +4.5
Game 3 Bucs +3.5 Cardinals -10.5 Seahawks -4.5 Vikings +2.5
Game 4 Raiders -2.5 Raiders -2.5 Raiders -2.5 Bucs +3.5
Game 5 Patriots -3.5 Jets -3.5 Giants -2.5


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