MLB Picks June 20-23, NBA Finals, US Open Golf


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Jeffrey “Coach” Belanger gives his MLB Picks in honor of the great Patrick Swayze movie Road House and dive bar the Double Deuce, Bracket Brother Dan and Coach review the US open Golf Prop bets that landed nicely and not so nicely and their thoughts on the finish of the NBA Finals game 7 victory for the Cleveland Cavaliers. You can contact “Coach” with questions and comments at or @coachbelanger on twitter.

MLB Picks W L Win Pct.
4/4-4/10 4 4 0.500
4/11-4/17 14 3 0.824
4/18-4/24 14 11 0.560
4/25-5/1 13 8 0.619
5/2-5/8 14 9 0.609
5/9-5/15 19 16 0.543
5/16-5/21 7 3 0.700
5/22-5/29 10 6 0.625
5/30-6/5 7 8 0.467
6/6-6/12 8 3 0.727
6/13-6/19 19 11 0.633
129 82 0.611
MLB Picks 
Monday June 20th
Red Sox over White Sox The Carrie game, not Carrie like Steven King, but Carrie (played by Kathleen Wilhoite) the waitress and sometimes singer that eye fucked Patrick Swayze the whole movie. She is kind of hot and has a bit of sex appeal that grows on you throughout the movie just like Steven Wright has grown on us this season for the Sox.  Miguel Gonzalez has not been particularly good this year. He has done well from his Baltimore days against the Red Sox 4-1 with a 3.45 era. The Sox though hit .278, 52 hits and 16 walks in 47 innings against Gonzalez so the Sox offense will have ample opportunity to put runs on the board.
Indians over Rays The Tinker (played by John William Young) game features the Indians. I always picture Indian fans as fat slobs that are mindless idiots kind of like what Tinker was as the little toady for Brad Wesley. No need to get angry Cleveland you won your first championship in anything since the 50’s unless you count Roller Derby so shut the hell up. Josh Tomlin has been good this year and has only given up 4 runs in 3 June starts. Drew Smyly pitched well in April despite a 1-3 record. The Rays offense managed 6 runs in his 5 starts. The run support has been better in May in June but Smyly has not been that good.
Tuesday June 21th
A’s over Brewers The Brad Wesley (played by Ben Gazzara) game because the A’s have fucked me over so many times just like Brad Wesley has fucked over everybody in that Podunk town. Sonny Gray has burned me and the A’s have screwed me over in my AL West futures pick. Sonny Gray since coming off the DL he has pitched decently in the first 2 starts both losses to Reds and Astros. The latest start he did get rung up for 5 runs versus a hot Rangers team. He looks like he is getting back to his form as a top line starter and should pitch well vs. the Brewers.  Jimmy Nelson was outstanding the first 2 months but is 0-3 in June with a 9.69 era giving up 16 runs.
Rangers over Reds The Dalton game 9Patrick Swayze). The hot young pitcher Colby Lewis has been cleaning up MLB hitters as of late just like Dalton does for those dive bars. The Reds will not be as tough to control as the Double Deuce. Colby Lewis has been magnificent in June and the Rangers have won his last 5 starts. His whip is just slightly over 1 for the season thanks to giving up 8 walks in May and June compered to his 10 free passes in April.  Anthony DeSclafani has started 2 games this season and if you look just at era you might think he is pitching well. A closer look will show he has given up 14 hits and 6 walks in 8 2/3 innings. He will not get away with walks and hits versus the Rangers that are one of the hottest teams in baseball.
Wednesday June 22th
Tigers over Mariners This is my Red Webster game. Red is the weak, always getting shit on store owner (played by Red West). I didn’t really like much else on the board for Wednesday and this was the best I had from the weak cast of games and characters left on the board. Mike Fulmer took a step back in his last start vs. the Royals he actually gave up 1 run. He has been hot and deserved better than his loss against the Royals.  Hishashi Iwakuma has won 5 of his last 6 starts going exactly 7 innings in each game. Seattle has been reeling as of late and Fulmer is probably too much for the M’s
Rangers over Reds The Wade Garrett game (played by Sam Elliott). Wade is the tough grizzled bouncer (Cole Hamels) called into clean up a shitty situation (Double Deuce). This might of been a better comparison last year when the Rangers picked him up but it still fits. The Rangers are playing great and Cole Hamels despite being a bit more wild than he usually is has been very good versus the Reds from his National League days. Dan Straily of the Reds has been very good at home this year and bad on the road. A 5.08 era ion the road will probably go up a few ticks after pitching versus the hot Rangers on the launching pad of a ball park.
Thursday June 23rd
Mets over Braves This is my Cody the blind guitar player and singer (played by Jeff Healey) from the Double Deuce. I think this game will be a good tune but I just might be blinded by the hype of the Mets and the shit storm that is the Braves. Matt Harvey versus John Gant rematch. John Gant had pitched in 8 games prior to facing Harvey all losses that all changed in hi June 17th start . I will test my luck again with the Dark Knight.
Cubs over Marlins My Doc game looks sexy (Doc is played by Kelly Lynch) but you know there might be some baggage that could really fuck the whole thing up. Yes I am comparing Jon Lester to Kelly Lynch. Jon Lester has been great in June and gets makes his first start versus the Marlins in the past 3 years Wei-Yin Chen has not been good this year and is facing one of the best teams in baseball and one of the best pitchers in the NL.
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