NFL Week 4, College Football Picks

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The Week 3 NFL and College Football Picks Card from the Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast Guys.

Guaranteed 4 NFL Picks from Coach Last Week 0-4, Season Record 4-8

Cardinals -8 over Rams – The two teams that burned me last week face off. The Rams showed they could score, who knew. The Cardinals showed that they suck playing an early game on the East Coast. The Rams are running into an angry bee hive in this one and the Cardinals will play with a great focus and attention unlike they have all season. You need to know as I watch this game I will feel like Dark Helmet “I knew it, I’m surrounded by assholes” as I watch the two teams that cost me big last week.

Cowboys -2 over 49ers –  I like the Cowboys in this one because Chip Kelly is stubborn about his system rather than play to the Niners strengths. The Niners have a solid defense and a good running back in Carlos Hyde yet Chipper wants to tire his defense by playing his offense at light speed rather than ground and pound for which they are built. I imagine Chip Kelly   having the same conversation with his Offensive Coordinator as Dark Helmet had with Colonel Sandurz while chasing Lone Star (get it Lone Star, Cowboys).

“Prepare for Light Speed” Sandurz

“No, No, No! Light Speed is too slow. Go right to Ludicrous Speed”

Cowboy fans you are no better. I take an ode from Robocop to trash your worthless minions of employees. “I work for Dick Jones, he runs OCP, OCP runs the Cops.”

You got me on this one the conversation is a little different for Cowboy employees, it goes a little something like this. “I work for that dick Jones, he runs the Cowboys, the Cowboys break your hearts.”

Raiders +3 over Ravens – The least favorite of my guaranteed four is the Raiders, making back to back East Coast trips. I do like that the Ravens offense looks terrible. The Raiders defensive backs actually match up okay against the straight line burners that the ravens throw out there at Wide Receiver. This game will be close and I will take the points. It reminds me of that “I’d buy that for a dollar” guy on Robocop. A little ugly, looks like he might have a Meth habit but it should be good enough to win. I would only spend a dollar on this pick though so beware.

Saints +4 over Chargers – Drew Brees returns to San Diego. The place that let him walk which he probably is not to pleased with but they had good reason. The Chargers drafted a young QB in Philip Rivers that has proven to be a pretty darn goodQuarterback also. This is “Your Schwartz is as big as mine.” match up between two quality quarterbacks yet the rest of the team has major issues.

Best of Luck this Sunday. May the Schwartz be with you!

College Football Picks Week 5 – Records last week (overall)

Coach 5-0 (15-6)

AK47 4-2 (11-5)

Joker 4-1 (13-7)

Dan 3-2 (9-5-1)

Coach Picks College Football Picks

This weekend Fresno State and UNLV play for the Jerry Tarkanian Cup. The cup is modest sized but does have a Tark the Shark eaten towel inside. The real winner of course is the players after the big win when the boosters rain down trips to the spa, hot tub and many other illicit activities towards their champions. Jerry said it best  “The NCAA is so mad at Kentucky they’re going to give Cleveland State another year of probation.” On second thought UNLV and Fresno State better be careful because they are the Cleveland State of College Football.

Texas Tech Red Raiders -28.5 over Kansas Jayhawks – Texas Tech averaged almost 60 points per game last year at home. They have a top notch quarterback (Patrick Mahomes son of former Twins, Red Sox, Mets, Rangers, Cubs, Pirates pitcher Pat Mahomes) and a quality running back. The Tech defense is soft, especially against the run. The good news for that defense is they get Kansas. There head coach is taking over the offensive play calling and installing the a more pass happy offense not exactly what you want against a weak ground game defense. Lay the points with the Red Raiders.

Mississippi Rebels -14.5 over Memphis Tigers – Memphis was pretty good last year but they lost Paxton Lynch to the NFL, have a new coach and run a new system. They have looked great through three games but they encounter a a much stronger opponent than Southeast Missouri State, Kansas and Bowling Green. The Rebels lost a big lead to Florida State and lost by 5 to Alabama but are still one of the top teams in the country. This is also homecoming for the Rebels and a 20+ point win is in play.

Fresno State Bulldogs +10.5 over UNLV Running Rebels – Tony Sanchez is in Year 2 and this was supposed to be a growth year for UNLV. The beat up Jackson State, but losses to UCLA and Central Michigan were not even close. The latest loss to the Idaho Vandals a team dropping to the Football Championship Level at home was inexcusable. Fresno State has not been much better this year but they are getting double digit points and what looks like a game that will be very close.

Washington Huskies -3.5 over Stanford Cardinal – The Washington Huskies are 4-0 but they really haven’t played a quality opponent yet. They barely survived at Arizona winning by just 7 in overtime. The Stanford Cardinal are also undefeated at 3-0 and have had a much more impressive line up of opponents with Kansas State, USC and UCLA. There comeback in the 4th quarter at UCLA was outstanding outscoring the Bruins 16-3. I am going with Washington and the best defense in the Pac 12 and their much improved offense. Stanford is very good but are young at quarterback and that could be an issue on Friday night.

Joker Dan “no nickname” AK47
Houston -29 over Uconn Iowa State +16.5 over Baylor  Clemson +2 over Louisville
Michigan -10.5 over Wisconsin Wisconsin +10.5 over Michigan  LSU -12.5 over Missouri
Alabama -35 over Kentucky Arizona State +10 over USC  Mississippi -14.5 over Memphis
Nebraska -21 over Illinois Georgia +4 over Tennessee

Illinois +21 over Nebraska

 Florida State -10.5 over North Carolina
Stanford +3.5 over Washington Washington -3.5 over Stanford

Boise State -21.5 over Utah State

Stanford +3.5 over Washington

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NFL Picks for Week 4 – Records – Last Week (Overall)

Dan “No Nickname” – 10-6 (27-21)

AK47 – 12-4 (25-23)

Coach – 6-10 (24-24)

Joker – 8-8 (23-25)

Coach Joker Dan “no nickname” AK47
Dolphins +7.5 at Bengals Bengals Dolphins  Bengals  Bengals
Colts -2.5 vs. Jaguars (London) Jaguars Jaguars  Jaguars  Colts
Browns +7.5 at Redskins Browns Browns  Redskins  Browns
Bills +4.5 at Patriots Patriots Patriots  Patriots  Patriots
Seahawks -2.5 at Jets Seahawks Jets  Jets  Seahawks
Panthers -3 at Falcons Panthers Panthers  Falcons  Panthers
Lions -2.5 at Bears Bears Lions  Lions  Lions
Titans +4.5 at Texans Titans Titans  Texans  Titans
Raiders+3.5 at Ravens Raiders Raiders  Ravens  Ravens
Broncos -3 at Buccaneers Broncos Broncos  Buccaneers  Buccaneers
Cowboys -2.5 at 49ers Cowboys Cowboys  Cowboys  49ers
Saints +4 at Chargers Saints Saints  Chargers  Chargers
Rams +8 at Cardinals Cardinals Rams  Rams  Cardinals
Chiefs +5 at Steelers Steelers Chiefs  Chiefs  Chiefs
Giants +4.5 at Vikings Vikings Vikings  Vikings  Vikings

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