Super Bowl 51

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NFL Picks Super Bowl – Records – Championship Week 1-1 (Overall) 38-37-3

New England Patriots -3 over Atlanta Falcons

I am going with the Patriots to win this game and cover. The big 3 reasons, better defense, better quarterback and better coach. There are more reason that go deeper than that analysis.

#1 – Falcons Defense – Quinn was with the Seahags when the Pats beat them in the Super Bowl. The Atlanta defense is an easy to read. Man or cover 3. The Pats will send a guy in motion or reed the feed of the d-back to dissect man or zone. Tom Brady will have a field day changing plays at the line to take advantage of the soft sports or mismatch. The D-backs for Falcons are young mostly 1st/2nd year guys another aspect Tom Brady will take full advantage of in the big game. Atlanta was tied for 3rd in hurries as defense but had a lot of leads where their defense could pin their ears back and go after the QB.

#2 Falcons Offense – They will need to score every trip and play mistake free football. Matt Ryan has been mistake prone until this season. I question if he can limit the mistakes in a big pressure game. Atlanta has a lot of Weapons that can the break the Pats defense that will give up yards. The Patriots are  team that bends but does not break and Atlanta will be settling for field goals.

#3 Coaching – Coach Quinn has been to a bunch of super Bowls the past 4 years so this moment will not phase him. He is going against best of all time though in Bill Belichek. Big advantage for the Patriots.

#4 Officiating – Carl Cheffers led a crew in the regular season that called the most penalties and he will lead the charge of this mismatched officiating outfit for the Super Bowl. This might be trouble for the Patriots except his crew was around the league average for Defensive Pass Interference and Defensive Holding combined. The Patriots are very physical with their defensive backs and this will help their cause as holding is just a 5 yard penalty and DPI could be 30+ yards. The Side Judge, Field Judge and Back Judge that will throw those flags for interference and holding were all around the league average. Todd Prukop the Back Judge has officiated 8 Patriot games the past 6 years and New England is 7-1 in those games averaging 30+ points a game. He has officiated 7 Falcons games and Atlanta is 1-6 in those contests. Might not be a big deal but Belichek just like Bill Parcells scouts officials and will have his team game planned the right way to defend the Falcons according to these officials.

Darth Wager – 2-0 (146-112-8) 56% – Patriots

Coach – 1-1 (134-124-8) 52% – Patriots

Joker – 1-1 (125-133-8) 49%

AK47 – 1-1 (120-138-8) 48% –



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