The Sparrow, Harpy and Walk of Shame – Game of Thrones Season 5 Quiz

Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast Episode 161, The Sparrow, Harpy and Walk of Shame – Game of Thrones Season 5 Quiz – Queen Cersei Episode


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Jeffrey “Coach” Belanger¬†is joined by his wife Queen Saucy for podcast 161 the Queen Cersei episode.¬†This is a special podcast about the Game of Thrones. The podcast is a season review of story lines television series, Game of Thrones. Coach and his wife originally aired these quiz/review episodes in April of 2016. Season seven begins on July 16th and it is a good time to dip into the archives to catch up on one of the best shows on television.

Podcast 155 was the Season 1 and 2 Quiz and season review. Podcast 158 was the Season 3 and 4 Quiz and review. The brand new quiz for season 6 will post next week.

The podcast usually has sports content and free picks for all those that enjoy gambling. The picks will return in the next podcast. Go to the Jeffrey Belanger website home page for MLB baseball free picks.

The third book in the Ali Armeni Series, Squeeze Play is fresh off the press. You can get Squeeze Play and the first two books of the series, Code Blood Red and Fourth and Dead directly from the publisher at or on amazon.

You can contact Coach with any Game of Thrones, gambling or sports related comments and questions at or on twitter @coachbelanger. The free picks website

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