Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast

Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast

Jeffrey “Coach” Belanger host of the Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast and his guests provide gambling and sports insights. A couple of his regular guests are his brothers Dan “Darth Wager” Belanger and Joel “the Joker” Belanger. The special guests provide sports gambling analysis, advice and picks. We cover the full range of the Sports Betting World, including the biggest sports and betting news, big game previews and free picks for NFL, college football, NBA, college hoops and more.

Jeffrey “Coach” Belanger has been coaching High School Athletics for the past 22 years. He has completed 40 season of coaching basketball, softball, baseball, cross country and golf and in that time has coached in 800 contests.

The highlight of his coaching career was he once gave a halftime speech entirely using the butt talking technique of Ace Ventura “Pet Detective”.
Coach honed his coaching skills at the young age of 5 by watching Ken Reeves from The White Shadow. He continued his studies watching some of the best coaches TV and Movies had to offer, Bobby Finstock from Teen Wolf, Joe Riggins from Bull Durham, Pop Fisher from the Natural, Hayden Fox from the TV series Coach, Irv Blitzer from Cool Runnings, Lou Brown from Major League, Tony D’Amato from Any Given Sunday, Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid and Norman Dale from Hoosiers.
This might explain his 325-449 record in 20 seasons.

You can rest assured his sports prognostication skills are higher than his 42% coaching win percentage.

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Our “Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast” Line Up

Coach –   A top 10 NFL picks league finish 2 of the past 4 years versus the spread. MLB picks 2016 at 59%. Thinks he is “Carnac the Magnificent” of sports.

AK47 – High School buddy of the Coach. A long history of streaky pick making ability. His baseball acumen is unmatched.

East Coast Bronco – The organizer of the Vegas trips and fantasy sports guru. Learned under the tutelage of the late great “Yogi the Bear”.

Darth Wager – Will always be wearing at least one item of Michael Jordan clothing even when he showers.

Greenwell39 – A weird infatuation with Mike Greenwell. The driver of the crew while in Vegas. He will drag you out and make you submit in any Texas Hold em tournaments.

The Joker – Forget Batman this is the Joker through and through. Take notice of his football picks they are not a joke! Amateur meteorologist and storm chaser.

Podcast Uniform Number Honors

The Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast honors an athlete (sometimes non-athletes) every episode by matching their uniform number tot the podcast episode. The list below is those that have been honored thus far in our episodes. We are in the process of linking each name to the corresponding podcast so you can click on the player and listen to each pod.

*When we reached episode 100 we started over at number 1.

Podcast and Honoree
0 Steve Garvey
1 George Washington
2 Stacy Augmon
3 Babe Ruth
4 Lenny Dykstra
5 George Brett
6 Bill Russell
7 Boomer Esiason
8 Carl Yastrzemski
9 Ted WIlliams
10 Fran Tarkenton
11 Phil SImms
12 Roger Staubach
13 Jason Voorhees
14 Jim Rice
15 Dustin Pedroia
16 Joe Montana
17 Mickey “Fu$#ing” Rivers
18 Johnny Damon
19 Tony Gwynn
20 Frank Robinson
21 Deion Sanders
22 Will Clark
23 Michael Jordan
24 Ken Griffey Jr.
25 Barry Bonds
26 Wade Boggs
27 Steve Cervizzi
28 Curtis Martin
29 Eric Dickerson
30 Kenny Smith
31 Greg Maddux
32 Sandy Koufax
33 Larry Bird
34 David “Big Papi” Ortiz
35 Phil Niekro
36 Gaylord Perry
37 Dave Stieb
38 Curt Schilling
39 Mike Greenwell
40 Bartolo Colon
41 Tom Seaver
42 Ronnie Lott
43 Dennis Eckersley
44 Hank Aaron, Danny Ainge
45 Pedro Martinez, Chuck “Rifleman” Person
46 Herm Edwards, Bob Stanley
47 John Lynch
48 Daryl “Moose” Johnston
49 Ron Guidry
50 Mike Singletary, David Robinson
51 Dick Butkas, Buckardi 151
52 Pepper Johnson, CC Sabathia
53 Harry Carson, Don Drysdale
54 Randy White, Ervin Santana
55 Orel Hershiser, Eddard Stark
56 Lawrence Taylor, Chris Doleman
57 Tom Jackson, Johan Santana
58 Carl Banks, Tyrion Lannister
59 Jack Ham, Joe Rizzo (Frank’s Brother)
60 Dallas Keuchel
61 Roger Maris, Queen Cersei
62 Troy McCLure
63 Tom Dempsey, Lee Roy Selmon
64 Jim Burt/Nintendo 64, Three Eyed Raven
65 Bart Oates, Jonathan Holder
66 Mario Lemieux, Conrad Dobler
67 Bob Kuechenberg, Chris Dishman
68 Matt Barnes, Kyle Turley
69 Adam Sandler/Billy Madison
70 Leonard Marshall
71 Larry Allen
72 Carlton Fisk
73 Larry Little
74 Kenley Jansen
75 Barry Zito
76 Shawn Bradley
77 Curly Culp
78 Art Shell
79 Forrest Gregg
80 Phil McConkey
81 Dick “Night Train” Lane
82 Ozzie Newsome
83 Ted “Mad Stork” Hendricks
84 Randy Moss
85 Stephen Baker “Touchdown Maker”
86 1986 Red Sox Reverse Jinx
87 Robocop/Spaceballs
88 Rene Gonzalez
89 Mark Bavaro
90 Jason Pierre Paul
91 Dennis Rodman
92 Michael Strahan
93 “The Killer” Doug Gilmour
94 Jose Mesa
95 Richard Dent
96 John Candy
97 Jumpy Geathers
98 Jessie Armstead
99 Ricky Vaughn